You put your home on the market. It did not sell and it 'expired'.

Then what feels like every real estate agent in Massachusetts called you...

Does this story sound familiar?

Quite frankly, it shouldn't. In many cases, many agents might actually be breaking the law. Laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA") and the MA Consumer Protection Statute protect homeowners like yourself from harassment from telemarketers by phone calls as well as by text message! In many cases, these laws allow for civil relief for you as a homeowner. 

I am not giving legal advice. I am just making fellow neighbors aware of facts that many do not know.

I have heard of people collecting settlements of $1,500 PER VIOLATION! Think of it this way, one agent calling three times is THREE violations! It could be a profitable idea to answer the phone and keep track of the real estate agents calling you. Information that may prove useful is the name of the agent, agency they work with as well as the time and number of times they called.  

If you are looking to talk specifics and to find out if you could possibly be eligible for some relief from these annoying phone calls, then you should reach out to Amy Codagnone, ESQ at 857-265-2166 | [email protected] or you can visit her online at 

There are a couple of stipulations in order to be eligible for relief, but for the most part, the number called does need to be on the National Do Not Call Registry. 

My Listing Expired - How Do I Get Real Estate Agents to Stop Calling Me?!?

Sadly this is an everyday occurance for homeowners in Massachusetts. You had your Massachusetts house listed for sale and it didn't sell. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. The listing 'expired' or maybe you decided to sell it or decided to not move. The reason doesn't matter as the result will always be the same. 

The next day... The calls start at precisely 8am on the dot. And they don't stop. They will keep coming and coming for the next couple days, weeks and months. Likely hundreds of agents will be calling multiple times. And be sure to prepare your family as your children, your parents and heck... Your dog's previous owners favorite aunt will start getting phone calls. The agent doesn't feel like it is harrassement, but you most likely will. 

They will call with pretty much the same scripts about how your previous agent didn't get the job done and how they are going to knock it out of the park for you. The irony is lost on them that their calls most likely broke the law and they are harrassing the people they want to help! When a new agent joins the business, this is where many of them are told to start. They are told to call For Sale By Owners and Expired Home Sellers as they are "easy targets". 

On these calls they will pressure you telling you that you should list with them ASAP, that they already have a buyer for the house (if so, why didn't they bring it beforehand) and that they know exactly why the house didn't sell (because the agent you chose before). It's the same tried and true approach, but with different scripts and spins. 

You should know it is not your previous Real Estate agents fault for all of these phone calls. They also are not able to do anything about it. The agents calling you simply purchased a list of addresses from a service who specializes in finding every phone number that has ever been associated with the house. Heck, they will even give numbers that have no association with the house! These agents are most likely calling using auto-dialer systems (a HUGE no-no). The 'best' agents can even knock out 300 harrasing calls a day. 

Now, I know what you are saying... "I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST"! It doesn't matter to them. It is a simple cost benefit analysis that very few if any will ever report them to the FCC and take legal action against them. In other words, until there are reprucussions for the actions, they won't stop. This is why you filing suit against the harrassement will actually help every friend, family member and neighbor that goes to sell their home. 

The thought process is that agents feel that the DNC list doesn't have any teeth and decide to take their chances harrassing people. Harass 100 people and boom... they'll get their next deal! This practice gives our profession an awful reputation and is a practice that needs to stop! 

So back to the question at hand, how do I get Realtors to stop calling me? 

Even hiring an attorney will not stop the calls (It will however make you feel better should you have a winning case). If you have no intention of selling... There really is not a great way to stop the calls. It will just take time in order to get them to give up. Re-listing your house will get the calls to stop as the systems update daily with the new information. If you are still looking to sell your house, then you may want to relist with someone respects the Do Not Call List and has not harrassed you and your family. We have sold nearly a 1,000 homes and have helped many homeowners whose home did not sell the first time. We'd love the opportunity to earn your business and will show you continued respect. 

If there is anything we can help with, then give us a call at 617-480-2600 or send an email to [email protected]

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