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About Cohasset MA

Found in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, Cohasset MA is a town with a population between 7,000 and 8,000 residents. The town covers a total of 31.5 square miles with a large amount of water. It's located in the corner of South Shore near where Massachusetts Bay begins and Boston Harbor ends.  The beaches of Cohasset is a large draw for tourists and home owners alike, which drives the residential real estate market.

The central village of Cohasset provides a spacious area called The Common, with a small pond called the Meeting House Pond. Many historical buildings, churches and homes surround the area, along with restaurants, shops and more.

The Common Cohasset embraces old New England charm as a small community. Many enjoy visiting the Village for the beautiful Town Commons, amazing views from the harbor and incredible history. Some come to visit and end up relocating simply because they cannot get enough of the town charm.

History of Cohasset MA

First discovered by Europeans in 1614, the Town of Cohasset was found when Captain John Smith was exploring the New England coast. The area was settled in 1670, but didn't become a town until 1770. Originally, the town was known as Hingham's Second Parish and it was named Conahasset, which means "long rocky place". The name actually comes from the Native American word "Quonohasset".

Most of the original land was granted to the "Conahasset Partners". The shares of the town were divided amongst the proprietors at a special town meeting held in 1670. Most of the proprietors were Hingham landowners with the largest number of shares (35) going to Daniel Chasing, the Hingham Town Clerk. Others receiving large shares of the town included:

·         Captain Joshua Hobart - 18 shares

·         Ensign John Thaxer - 16.5 shares

·         Lieutenant John Smith - 15 shares

·         Deacon John Leavitt - 14.5 shares

When the town was originally laid out, it was very distinctive. The lots were created as long narrow strips of land to ensure more road frontage and help with avoiding back lots.

The first homes in Cohasset were built in the 1670s and small shipyards began to emerge in the early 1700s. Cohasset became the second precinct of Hingham in 1717. This allowed residents to hire their own teachers and clergy, along with build a meeting house and schools. Before this happened, residents of Conahasset had to travel to Hingham for schooling, church services and town meeting.

Originally, the Town of Cohasset was a part of Suffolk County. However, in 1793, the town was included in Norfolk County. When Hingham and Hull opted out of Norfolk County in 1803, Cohasset became an exclave of Norfolk County.

Mackerel fishing and shipbuilding expanded in the 1880s after the maritime industry was declining in the 1870s. The decline was rescued by actors and wealthy Bostonians discovering the cool ocean breezes and scenic views of the town. This led to the wealthy building large summer estates within the area. Many yachts started to replace the fishing schooners found in the harbor.

The early 20th century brought forward the homebuying age of Cohasset. They acquired large tracts of land to use for public conservation and recreation. Many of the large summer estates were transformed into year-round homes in the 1930s and 1940s, as well. By the 1950s, the Town of Cohasset became rather suburban with many homes being built in Cohasset and working in Boston.

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Cohasset Condominiums have become extremely popular lately.  When you own a condo in Cohasset, you no longer have to worry about much of the maintenance and upkeep that comes with owning a single family property.

Condos can be very affordable and in many instances, provide luxury living for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a home with similar amenities.  

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Cohasset MA Condos For Sale July 13, 2024
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Types Of Homes In Cohasset

You will find that there are many different types of homes in Cohasset utalizing mulitple styles of architecture.  Some of the first homes in Cohasset featured European architecture, which is still a heavy influence within the area.  Many of the current homes for sale in Cohasset MA provie a more contemporary American design.

The town of Cohasset provides many excellent examples of Shingle, French Country, Victorian, Stone, Tudor, Mediterranean and Edwardian style homes dating all the way back to the mid - 1800's. Check out our article on the arcitechture over the last 100 years.  The timeless styles of architercutre have helped drive the real estate property values in Cohasset.  Today we see an eclectic mixture of homes for sale in Cohasset, which only adds to th eoverall beauty of the town.

People Living in Cohasset

The 2000 census showed the Town of Cohasset with a population of 7,261 people, which occupied 2,673 household. The census showed the population as 98.2% white, 0.18% African American, 0.76% Asian, 0.07% Native American, 0.03% Pacific Islander and 0.19% from other races.

In the Homes of Cohasset MA

Out of the 2,673 homes in Cohasset, more than 36% had children under 18 years of age and nearly 65% of the homes in Cohasset contained a married couple. About 8% of the homes included a female with no husband present and about 25% of Cohasset homes reported as non-families. The average household size, according to the 2000 census, was 2.69 and the average family size was 3.16.

The age of the people that call Cohasset home was very spread out with 27.9% under 18 years of age, 3.5% between 18 and 24, 26.6% between 25 and 44, 26.6% between 45 and 64 and 15.3% 65 years of age or older. The average age of the town as 41 and the town included 100 females to every 93 males.

The average household income was $84,156 and the average family income was $100,137. The town's per capita income was $42,909 and only about 2.8% of the population was living below the poverty line.

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Education Drives Real Estate Values

The Town of Cohasset operates its own schools to serve about 1,500 students. Schools found within the town include:

·         Osgood Elementary School - Kindergarten through Second Grade

·         Deer Hill Elementary School - Third Grade through Fifth Grade

·         Cohasset Middle School - Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade

·         Cohasset High School - Ninth Grade through Twelfth Grade

Cohasset high school students may also choose Norfolk County Agricultural High School or South Shore Vocational Technical High school. The town doesn't have any private schools. However, many private schools are found in neighboring towns, such as Hingham.

Cohasset High School

Cohasset High School ranks 13th among the Massachusetts public high schools, according to a survey done by the Massachusetts Department of Education in 2010. Over 50% of the high school students are enrolled in an Advanced Placement Course.

The high school provides many athletic programs and the mascot is the Skippers. The school colors are silver, white and navy blue. Some of the programs offered include:

·         Basketball

·         Baseball

·         Football

·         Lacrosse

·         Field Hockey

·         Soccer

·         Tennis

·         Wrestling

·         Cross Country

·         Track and Field

The school has been very successful with athletics including many championships. In 2014, the Football team won the state championship and they were a finalist in 2013. They have won 10 league championships and qualified for the state playoffs 7 times. Other accomplishments in athletics include:

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·         Boy's Lacrosse has won 5 State Championships

·         Baseball won the State Championship in 2010 and 2011

·         Boys’ Basketball won the State Championship in 1985 and 1986

·         Girls’ Basketball was State Champions in 2008 and 2010

·         Girls Tennis won the State Championship in 2004

·         The Wrestling Team was State Champions in 2005

Many other athletic accomplishments have been achieved by the teams from Cohasset High School.

Commuting to Boston From Cohasset MA

Cohasset provides a very desirable location to buy a home. One reason being its close proximity to the city of Boston.  With Boston housing being in such demand and the cost of homes for sale in Boston reflecting that demand, Cohasset offers a place for commuters to call home.  The Downtown financial district of Boston MA is about an hour from the houses of Cohasset.  Commuting daily from Cohasset to Boston lets you take advantage of economic engine of Boston without paying the Boston real estate prices.

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The Beaches of Cohasset MA

the beaches of cohasset

Living in a town nestled on the ocean has it perks. It wasn’t too long ago that my wife and I were planning to meet after work at the Beach. The problem is we didn’t clarify which beach to meet at. These are some of the issues you must deal with when you live in Cohasset. You must be specific which beach you are headed to.

Although there are many things to do in Cohasset, enjoying the beaches is on the top of the list for most residents. In town we have two beaches that are open to Cohasset Residents to use. Sandy Beach and Black Rock "Rocky” Beach are our little slices of heaven, but while both are beaches… They both have very different personalities!

Our Beaches

While we don’t get points for creativity for the beach names, they are both beautiful and amazing in their own right. Black Rock Beach is located at the intersection of Forest Avenue and Jerusalem Road. While Rocky, Black Rock Beach is a fun beach to sit back and relax on as well as explore. With the roll in and out of tides, the landscape is constantly changing offering opportunities for tide pools to play in and sand glass to discover. Other favorite activities are fishing from the rocks and swimming. The makeup of the beach is constantly changing with each storm that passes through, so there is always something to discover at this Cohasset gem!

Parking for Black Rock Beach can be a little challenging during the peak season. In order to park, you must have a Cohasset Facilities Sticker. The parking for Black Rock Beach is on Wadleigh Park Road. There is parking for 9 cars, with residents getting creative during the summer months. Cohasset Police will monitor these spots to ensure that they are Cohasset residents utilizing the spaces and will ticket accordingly.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is considered our premier beach and the beach that we are best known for. Surprisingly, this beach is sandy and is basically a polar opposite from Rocky Beach. Located off of Atlantic Avenue at the intersection of Nichols Road and Atlantic, you will find an expansive beach with bath house and a good-sized parking lot. This private beach is owned and managed by the Sandy Beach Association and was established in 1917 for the recreational use by Cohasset Residents.

This private beach relies solely on annual fundraising contributions to cover all operational expenses including the full-time staffing of life-guards, daily cleaning and maintenance of this Cohasset jewel. While the expansive White Sandy Beach should be enough to lure visitors, one of the best (in my opinion) things that Sandy Beach does are movies on the beach every Friday Night in the summer. Fun and families are not in short supply as they eat their take out and wait for the sun to set and the movies to begin.

At Sandy Beach if you are not a resident, then don’t be fooled by the large parking lot. The parking is for Cohasset Residents only and you must have an up to date facilities sticker in order to be able to park and utilize the beach. The Cohasset Police do monitor this parking lot and during the summer months there is an attendant making sure that only Cohasset residents are utilizing this beach.

Bassings Beach is located in the heart of the Cohasset Harbor and is an honorable mention Cohasset Beach. This beach is only accessible by boat and is a popular swimming beach and boat anchoring location. Bassing Beach is a ¾ mile long barrier beach, but is actually a part of Scituate which is why it is an honorable mention. The property is comprised of beach and high ground which includes two cottages.

Moving to Cohasset?

If you are thinking about moving to Cohasset, you are not alone.  With the potential of Amazon choosing Boston as a location for their secondary home base, which could make inventory in the Greater Boston real estate market scarce - we anticipate major growth in Cohasset real estate. It is anticipated that we would see fewer homes for sale in Cohasset and ultamatly home prices to rise because of the demand. 

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Cohasset MA - we are here to help.


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things to do in cohasset

Things To Do In Cohasset MA

Cohasset MA is known for their beaches and beautiful homes.  But what else is there in Cohasset?  Where is the best place to eat?  What churches are available? How about the schools?

Dining in Cohasset

The Town of Cohasset provides many great dining options. A variety of cuisine is found throughout the area including American, French, Italian, Mexican, Seafood, Chinese, Barbecue, Asian and more. Here are some of the top dining options for residents of Cohasset to enjoy.

Atlantica Restaurant - 44 Border Street

Atlantica restaurant is known as one of the most popular landmarks of the South Shore. It has been around for more than 60 years and was once the site of Hugo's Lighthouse. The restaurant shares the location with The Olde Salt House, which overlooks the Cohasset Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.

Residents enjoy amazing waterfront dining at Atlantica Restaurant for many occasions. They serve some of the freshest seafood in the area, along with other sustainable and organic ingredients. The restaurant also features an amazing wine list with plenty of great choices.

French Memories Bakery - 60 South Main Street

Owned by French Expats, the French Memories Bakery is a popular place for coffee and pastries. They are most known for great croissants, especially the almond croissant. Often, there is a line out the door on weekends.

Ava Cucina - 107 Ripley Road

Ava Cucina opened in 2010 as a family restaurant. The menu is varied and offers many classic Italian dishes, along with pizza and more. They have received many very positive reviews on Yelp, along with a glowing review from the November 2010 issue of South Shore Living.

5 South Main - 5 South Main Street

Known for their lobster rolls, 5 South Main is a local favorite. They serve plenty of great choices including excellent salads, large omelets, eggs benedict and some amazing homemade sausage. The portions are large and they only serve quality dishes at 5 South Main.

BIA Bistro - 35 South Main Street

Serving Mediterranean dishes, BIA Bistro provides a menu full of great dishes made from local and sustainable ingredients. They were named to the Best of Boston 2007 Bistro list and the 2005 BEST Romantic Restaurant list. From Escargot to the Duck Fat, you will find all types of options on the menu.

Corner Stop Cohasset - Hull Street

Owned by a husband and wife team, The Corner Stop is located where Hull, Hingham and Cohasset meet, which is known as the West Corner. It's a casual eatery with modern American food. They emphasize fresh and healthy all throughout the menu with sandwiches, salads, flatbreads and much more. Whether you come in for dinner or a beer and a burger, you will be delighted with what you find here.

Mullaney's Seafood - 754 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

Mullaney's is known for the fresh fish. They provide a marinated salmon, which is a favorite of many, along with scallops, swordfish, clams and much more. You can stop in for dinner or come in to get your fresh seafood to cook at home.

Mr. Dooley's Olde Irish Village Pub - 9 Depot Court

Found at the center of the social scene, Mr. Dooley’s is the place to go for celebrations. It's a cozy place to enjoy a drink, a meal and time with friends. They serve lunch and dinner daily with plenty of Irish comfort dishes on the menu. They also provide a selection of seafood dishes and some of the best craft beers you will find in Cohasset.

Other excellent places for dining in Cohasset include:

·         The Fresh Feast - 105 Ripley Road

·         The Daily Press Juice Bar - 132 Chief Cushing Highway

·         Olympus Grille - 132 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

·         Atlantic Bagel and Coffee Co. - 47 South Main Street

·         Olde Salt House - 40 Border Street

·         Mangia Neopolitan Pizzeria - 13 Depot Court

·         Windsor Tea Room - 1 Pleasant Street

·         Victoria's Pizzeria - 790 Cushing Highway

·         JJ's - Route 31

·         Brisa Tapas & Wine - 124 Elm Street

·         Cohasset Pizza House - 130 King Street, Suite 3A

 What Types of Recreation Does Cohasset Offer?

Cohasset provides plenty of recreation and things to do throughout the town and nearby.  Many of the activities are found at the South Shore Community Center, the schools throughout the town, the recreation center and the Paul Pratt Library. Some of the activities residents enjoy include:

·         Boating

·         Running Clubs

·         Yoga

·         Music and Dance Classes

·         Gymnastics

·         Swimming

·         Ice Skating

·         Skiing

·         Hiking

·         Golfing

·         And Much More!

While Cohasset doesn't offer skiing within the town, there are several state parks found nearby offering skiing. The Wampatuck State Park in Hingham and the Ames Norwell State Park in Abington are two of the most popular choices.

The Cohasset Swim Center provides a place for children and adults to enjoy swimming in the warmer months. The center includes a six-lane large pool, a medium three-foot deep pool and a baby pool. It's open from late June through early September.

Events in Cohasset

Cohasset provides many events throughout the year including parades, sailing regattas, festivals, road races, wine tastings, theatre productions, fishing tournaments and more. Many of the area events are held on the common, at the South Shore Community Center, the Library and the Art Center.

The South Shore Music Circus is another popular venue for events in the summer season. This is the sister venue to the Cape Cod Melody Ten and has provides plenty of entertainment for residents throughout the community. From mid-April through Labor Day, the venue provides regular events with plenty of top names.

Homeowners of Cohasset also enjoy the Farmers Market, which runs from mid-June through mid-October. It's held every Thursday from 2pm to 6pm at Main Street and Highland Avenue.

Beaches of Cohasset

Cohasset is know for the beautiful beaches.  It can be said that the beaches and unique architechure is responsible for the demain of the homes for sale in Cohasset MA .  Many people move to Cohasset because they are drawn to the activities at the Sandy Beach.  It's a private barrier beach perfect for all types of recreation. The beach includes plenty of beautiful white sand for residents to enjoy during the summer season.

Along with the Sandy Beach, residents may choose to enjoy four other area beaches including:

·         Nantasket Beach - Found in Hull, this is a family-friendly beach with plenty of shops and restaurants nearby.

·         Minot Beach - Found in North Scituate, this long sandy beach provides a great place for families.

·         Duxbury Beach - Found in Duxbury, this is a six-mile barrier beach with public parking.

·         Egypt Beach - Found in Scituate, this rocky beach is great for beachcombing.

All of the beaches provide plenty of fun and recreation for families during the summer season.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking

During the fall season, residents enjoy both apple and pumpkin picking at nearby farms. The "pick your own" farms and apple orchards provide plenty of fun for the entire family. Often, these farms will hold special events including Halloween festivals and harvest activities.

Harbor and Waterfront Park

During the warmer months, residents enjoy the waterfront park and beautiful harbor found in Cohasset. The harbor provides many floating docks, moorings and skiffs found in a variety of styles and sizes. Residents may also become a member of the Cohasset Sailing Club or Yacht Club. Whether you enjoy water cruising, kayaking, sailing or any other water activity, you'll find it in Cohasset.

Other Outdoor Attractions in Cohasset

Along with the beautiful harbor and waterfront park, Cohasset is home to a few great outdoor attractions. Holly Hill Farm is one of the most popular and has been a staple for the town since the 1800s. The farm provides certified organic vegetables, herbs and flowers with about four acres of land under cultivation. They provide produce to a few local restaurants and to the public through a farm stand on weekends. They are also featured at the Thursday Cohasset Farmers Market.

The farm provides many historic buildings, growing fields and barns. It covers about 130 total acres with plenty of beautiful woods with ponds, streams and marked trails. It's even home to one of the South shore Quests. The trails are open from dawn to dusk for the public to enjoy.

Residents and visitors will also enjoy the Friends of Holly Hill Farm Education Center found at the farm. The Education Center offers programs, summer camp, activities, and workshops for all ages. They work with local schools and have helped to start many school and town gardens.

Holly Hill Farm is also home to the annual Tomato Festival, 5K trail runs, farm-to-table dinners and many guided natures walks. It's a great place for birthday parties and many other community events, as well.

The Trusteed of Reservation is also found here, which is a preservation for public use and enjoyment. The Reservation provides amassing scenery and history for all to discover.

Other outdoor attractions found in Cohasset include:

·         Whitney/Thayer Woods - Includes 10 miles of carriage road with some of the most amazing views of the Boston Skyline.

·         Wampatuck State Park - Provides more than 250 wooded campsites, many bridle paths, hiking trails and much more.

·         Turkey Hill - A 62-acre area managed by both Hingham and Cohasset, it provides some of the most amazing views you will find in the area.

Shopping In Cohasset

Throughout Cohasset, residents and visitors will find many boutique shopping opportunities. Some of the most popular shops include:

·         Ports & Company - 23 South Main Street

·         Twist - 21 South Main Street

·         Outside In - 39 South Main Street

·         Paul Douglas Flora Designs - 130 King Street

·         Cohasset Jewelers - 790 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

·         Buttonwood Books & Toys - 747 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

·         Pink Tulip Clothes and Accessories - 15 Deport Court

·         South Shore Art Center - 119 Ripley Road

Along with the many shopping opportunities found in Cohasset, the Derby Street Shops are found in nearby Hingham. This upscale outdoor shopping mall includes stores, such as:

·         American Eagle Outfitters

·         Gap

·         Gymboree

·         Banana Republic

·         Crate & Barrel

·         Williams-Sonoma

·         Victoria's Secret

·         J. Crew

·         Madewell

·         Yankee Candle

·         Talbots

·         And Many More!

This is the closest shopping mall to Cohasset and provides plenty of very popular stores.

Other Cohasset Businesses

Along with the shopping found in Cohasset, the town is home to many other businesses. Some of the most popular choices include:

·         Cohasset Candy Company - 1 Pleasant Street #3

·         Cohasset Family Chiropractic - 814 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

·         Cohasset Harbor Marina - 33-37 Parker Avenue

·         Higgins Building & Remodeling - 251 King Street

·         Lapels Dry Cleaning - 827 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

·         Lehr & Barnes Insurance Agency - 200 North Main Street

·         Mathnasium of Cohasset - 226 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

·         Sesito Landscaping Inc - 185 South Main Street

·         The Fresh Feast in Cohasset - 105 Ripley Road

·         Tiryaki Architectural Design - 21-C South Main Street

There are many other small businesses found throughout the city offering services for residents, as well.

Cohasset Harbor Resort

One of the most popular spots found in all of Cohasset, especially for visitors, is the Cohasset Harbor Resort. This quaint, 50-room resort provides three amazing restaurants, including Atlantica. It's a very popular venue for weddings, meetings and other types of events.

The resort provides many services and amenities including:

·         An on-site convenience store

·         Fitness facilities

·         A waterfront patio

·         Meeting and banquet facilities

·         Continental Breakfast

·         High speed internet access

·         A business center

·         Yacht landings

·         And More!

Staying at the resort means you will be within walking distance of the Cohasset Village shops and restaurants. You will also be very close to excellent walking and jogging trails and only a mile from the Sandy Beach. The location is only ten minutes from Logan Airport and the Hingham commuter ferry to Boston.

Village Strolls

There are two village strolls held every year in Cohasset. They provide a chance for merchants to welcome in new business and residents to enjoy plenty of fun.

The Summer Stroll includes the Farmers Market, Merchant Open Houses, Music, Activities, the Maritime Museum and a Concert on the Common. It's marked by balloons along Depot Court, Elm Street and South Main Street.

The Holiday Stroll is held in early December with treats, open houses, giveaways and much more. It includes plenty of decorations, a Grand Procession, Santa Claus leading the Parade, Sled Dogs, a hayride, carolers, bell ringers and much more. Merchants will treat visitors to refreshments including beef stew, chowder, hot dogs, cocoa, cider and more. The stroll helps to college gifts from area businesses to raffle off with the proceeds going to the Cohasset Food Pantry.

Nearby Attractions

Along with the many things to do found in or very close to Cohasset, the town is situated near many other attractions. If you enjoy cultural attractions, the Plimoth Plantation and Maritime and Irish Mossing Museum are found just a short drive away. You can also enjoy the Hull Life Saving Museum and the South shore Natural Science Center found in Norwell.

Widows Walk Golf Course in Scituate provides a great place for golfers to escape. It's municipal 18-hole course known as one of the top golf courses in the South Shore area. It has won many awards since opening and provides a beautiful view of the historic North River throughout the course.

If you enjoy fishing or whale watching, you will find nearby options in Pembrok, Scituate and Plymouth for both. Captain John Boast, B-Fast Charters and Mass Bay Guides Deep Sea Fishing all server the area. You can also take a cruise from Harbor Express Cruises to Boston from Quincy & Hull.

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