What Could You Do with another $1,900 a month?

What Could You Do with another $1,900 a month?

When it comes to health insurance, I never thought the possibility of saving $1,900 a month for my family of 5 was possible. Not if I wanted any type of real coverage that is…

Let’s face it, the cost of health insurance has gotten out of control. It’s something that all of us pay for, but really only something that us independent contractors really see each and every month. 

It’s crazy to think that I paid more for healthcare than I did for the Principal and Interest on the mortgage of my house. I almost paid more for healthcare than I did for not only the Principal and Interest, but also the insurance and property taxes too! 

The $3,000 a month in insurance cost wasn’t for a no deductible plan either. We had some pretty high deductibles, but I will say that all together… It was great insurance. 

Needless to say the health insurance consultation option while onboarding when I made the switch from eXp Realty over to REAL Broker caught my eye. 

I figured… What do I have to lose! The guy’s name was Jeff… So he was obviously a good guy. 

At the end of the day, our families insurance with the REAL Broker affiliated plan went from $3,000 per month down to a thousand and change. That is a $1,900 per month savings for me and my family. 

Now the insurance is different. It’s two pieces. There is a preventative insurance piece and then a separate catastrophic piece. It’s different, but the coverage was very comparable… And we save $22,800 per year. 

If you have “normal” health insurance and work for REAL, then I beg of you to at least just take a look at the healthcare option that REAL has partnered with. I know eXp had a program like this, but it sucked when I originally looked at it. After telling an eXp agent about this he told me about what he gets with eXp’s partnered healthcare. From the brief conversation it seemed relatively similar. Either way, whether you are at eXp or REAL… It’s worth it to talk to them and find out more about the program. 

And if you are interested in hearing more about REAL and all the benefits of working there… Then let me know. Would love to chat with you… Confidentially of course! 

My number is 617-775-7687 and all of my other contact details are below. 

Until next time.

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