Weymouth Massachusetts - What you need to know!

Moving to the Boston Suburbs and getting to know the town of Weymouth. Weymouth is a suburb located just South of Boston. In this video, we will talk about the different areas that make up Weymouth and what this great town has to offer from restaurants to schools to greenspace and neighborhoods that Weymouth has to offer. I have included it all… Or at least tried to. If I missed anything or if you have any questions, then always feel free to reach out or throw a comment in the comment section below.

Weymouth is a town located in Norfolk County and is located about 12 miles South of Boston and was incorporated in 1635. When people talk about the South Shore, then Weymouth would be a community that would be in the conversation. Today the town is a thriving community with a population of about 55,000 people. It is a popular community among folks looking to live in a suburb, but still wanting to be close to Boston.

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What makes Weymouth Homes For Sale so great is that despite it’s close proximity to Boston, it has a small-town feel with a strong sense of community. There are many local events and festivals throughout the year that make residents proud to call Weymouth their home and add to their high quality of life. 

Weymouth has a number of notable landmarks and points of interests. The town is home to the Wessagussett Beach which is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing. It offers a sandy beach, walking trails and a playground while having beautiful views of the ocean and the Boston skyline. The Weymouth Back River is also a popular destination for boating and fishing. The town is home to a number of parks and conservation areas including the Great Esker Park and the Wildlands Trust.

Another great place to know about is the Webb Memorial State Park which is about a half mile long. It is a great spot to look at Boston Harbor and the Boston skyline.

There is also Legion Field which has a variety of sports fields, courts and facilities including several soccer fields, a baseball diamond and basketball and tennis courts.

Weymouth also offers other recreational facilities including the Weymouth Club which is a fitness center and swimming pool with a variety of classes and activities as well as the Weymouth Skating Rink which offers public skating sessions and lessons.

With all of those resources, it’s easy to fall in love with Weymouth. But let’s talk about commuting from Weymouth to Boston. When it comes to a Boston Suburb, Weymouth would be one of the more convenient suburbs around Boston. Weymouth is serviced by two major highways and public transportation options.

If traveling to Boston by car is in your plans, then you would ultimately use Route 3 which connects to I-93 or just jump directly on 93 which takes you straight into Boston. Other surface roads that connect Weymouth to Boston is Route 18 and Route 139. The drive from Weymouth to Boston typically takes about 30 minutes depending on traffic. Sorry, but I have to reiterate… Depending on traffic!

Another commuting option is by utilizing the several bus routes as well as the Commuter Rail which has a stop at Weymouth Landing which is located in the town center. The commuter rail will drop you at South Station where you can jump on the Red Line which will take you to other lines throughout Boston.

Overall, commuting from Weymouth to Boston is relatively convenient, especially when compared to other towns on the South Shore.

There are four major neighborhoods in Weymouth. South Weymouth Homes For Sale, East Weymouth Homes For Sale, North Weymouth Homes For Sale and Weymouth Landing Homes For Sale.

South Weymouth is a neighborhood located in the southern part of town and is known for its easy access to the highway and the South Shore Hospital. The neighborhood is conveniently located near major transportation routes including Route 18. The neighborhood is also close to a number of parks and recreational facilities including the Union Point Sports Complex and the Whitman’s Pond Conservation area. The development of Union Point offers to be a very exciting possibility for South Weymouth.

East Weymouth is a neighborhood that is located in the eastern part of town and is home a number of parks and recreational areas. The neighborhood is conveniently located near major transportation routes including Route 3. It is a vibrant neighborhood with a mix of housing options and a convenient location. It’s a great option for people who want the convenience of being close to Boston while enjoying the suburban neighborhood feel.

North Weymouth is a neighborhood located in the northern part of the town and is known for its close proximity to the harbor and the beach. It is an oceanfront community of approximately 9,000 residents with nearly ten miles of coastline. Originally this was a summer community that turned year long community. Many of the houses still resemble summer cottages and bungalows.

Weymouth Landing is a neighborhood in the western part of the town and is known for its easy access to the commuter rail and Main Street. The Landing has gone through a recent revitalization which has changed this neighborhood dramatically in the last decade or so. It now is a vibrant area that sports a commuter rail spot, a unique waterfront and a bustling area with mixed used development.

Let’s talk schools in Weymouth. The Weymouth Public School system operates one pre-school, eight primary schools, one middle school and one high school. Public School Review has the Weymouth School system servicing 5,585 students with a teacher to student ration of 13 to 1. The graduation rate is 85% with the overall district rank in the bottom 50%. Math Proficiency was at 44% and Reading Proficiency was at 50% which put both in the bottom 50% of systems in Massachusetts.

Do keep in mind that Massachusetts has the best public school’s system in the country. We battle New Jersey… New Jersey.

Let’s talk Weymouth High School. According to US News, Weymouth was ranked 202nd within Massachusetts and 129th in the Boston, MA Metro Area of High Schools. Boston Magazine has them ranked at 104 with an average class size of 15.4. The graduation rate according to Boston Magazine was 90.4%.

There are also a couple Private Schools in Weymouth. South Shore Montessori School and Saint Francis Xavier School come to mind.

Let’s talk housing. It’s my favorite thing to talk about, but admittedly, I am a little biased. The housing market in Weymouth is diverse with many options available to home buyers and renters.  From Single Family homes to rental apartments to condos and townhouses to multi-Family properties… The town offers it all! The most prominent housing category is by far Single-Family homes with many of the neighborhoods offering the picturesque tree lined street environment.

While condos may fall in the Single-Family shadow… They shouldn’t. There are quite a few options with a lot of them being newer buildings offering its residents many amenities. You can find a lot of these newer rental buildings in the Weymouth Landing Neighborhood.

Because prices tend to change, I felt it best to put the average sales prices in the description section below. This way I can update them from time to time.

Okay, so onto restaurants and some things to do in Weymouth.

If you are looking to grab the old irons then you could head to Weathervane Golf Club that opened in 2010. It is a nine-hole golf course that is opened to the public and has a 55-plus community developed around it. Many refer to it as the South Shore’s best kept secret.

If history is your thing, then you may want to go and check out Abigail Adams Birthplace. Sticking with history, there is the U.S Naval Shipbuilding Museum & USS Salem which technically is in Quincy, but it is right on the line by the Fore River Bridge.

There is a Weymouth Farmers Market at the parking lot of the Weymouth High School every Sunday from mid-June to the start of October. The farmers market has the groceries that you would expect, but also a range of craft vendors.

Then there is the Barrel House Z which is a craft brewery that makes small batched beers aged in barrels previously used for liquors like bourbon, whiskey, gin and tequila.

Speaking of craft brewing, you may also want to check out Vitamin Sea Brewing. They have 12 taps covering a wide range of styles from IPAs to stouts and even cold brews coffee.

Some notable restaurants that you may want to check out are the Union Brew House, Santa Fe Burrito Grill, then there is Cupcake Mojo… I could blame a couple pounds around my waste on that place… It is great!

So, to get down to brass tax, what is Weymouth Condos For Sale all about. It’s about living in a Boston Suburb that is pretty darn close to the city that gives residents one of the better South Shore commutes. It’s about claiming your little piece of suburbia and wanting something that is affordable. While getting that suburbia feel, it’s also about knowing that what many would consider being “civilization” is close by. And by the way, when I say affordable… I mean “Boston Affordable”. The prices are nose bleed high compared to other parts of the country, but compared to other close by areas, let’s say Milton as an example… They seem like an exceptional value.

Here are Weymouth Luxury Homes For Sale!

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