Weymouth, Massachusetts 2023 Real Estate Market Recap

Weymouth, Massachusetts 2023 Real Estate Market Recap

The Weymouth, Massachusetts Real Estate market had some good news… And some bad news in 2023. The bad news sales were down. A lot. But sales and pricing are not correlated. It’s inventory and pricing that is correlated. 

Home sales in Weymouth were down 25.4% as there were 352 Single Family homes sold in 2023 which is compared to the 472 units sold in 2022. 

The average sales price of $620,831 was up 3.8% in 2023 from the $597,945 in 2022. The median price told a little better of a story… For home sellers that is! The median price of $605,000 in 2023 was 5.2% higher than the median price of $575,000 in 2022. 

There were 402 Single Family homes that were listed in Weymouth in 2023. This means that newly listed properties were down by 23.4% as there were 525 newly listed Single Family homes in Weymouth in 2022. Want to see all the current Homes for Sale in Weymouth


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