Vacant House Threats: The Squatter Risk

Vacant House Threats: The Squatter Risk

Vacant houses happen for a host of reasons. People relocate. Someone passes away. An investment property that isn’t rented out immediately. 

The point is, vacancy happens. And an issue that is becoming worse and worse and about to be exasperated is people squatting in these properties leaving property owners nearly powerless. 

I know what you are thinking. Dad passed away last month and I finally came to the point where I have it in me to go over to their house and start cleaning it out and preparing it for sale… I go to open the door and find a family has moved in. 

I’ll just call the cops and they will get these criminals out of this house right away. 

Ha. Ya. No. 

The majority of states have laws that have made it exceedingly difficult to get squatters out once they have settled in. Someone who breaks into mom and dads house and establishes themselves there are granted tenant rights. Especially when they whip out that fake lease.

You heard that right. You need to evict them. This means that squatters could live in your parents property for months, maybe even years… All while not paying a dime and possibly ruining the property. 

This may make you sick. Well, if you are a good and honest person, then actually a lot of what I am about to show you and say to you will make you sick. 

Check out this post in a Facebook Group. This is a person who is squatting in a 3 bed house and has water and electric in their names and needs some tips. 

And sure enough. Another criminal is quick to jump in with tips of never leaving it empty. Putting a for sale sign in front of it and acting like it’s theirs. Hang real curtains. Paint the shutters. Meet the neighbors and act like you own it. 

If you are a good and honest person, then you are probably maybe annoyed or believe it’s not real. 

In Atlanta, it’s reported that there are approximately 1,200 properties that squatters are living in. That’s just one city. And that the eviction process is so slow that property owners have resorted in paying the squatters off to leave. Think thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

But that is nothing. There is even one company that runs ads on social media offering to find a prime squatter home in Atlanta for you for a fee…

Yes, at 1 Time Payment Homes, the site makes it clear these are squatter homes and spells out just what that means in a pinned insta story. 

Heck, recently they were actually running a “New Year’s Special” where for $1,400, you will get the keys to a squatter home so you can “stack money and turn ya life around”. 

What amazes me… In a just world. Shouldn’t someone that is kicked out of a house for breaking the law by breaking into said house then squating.. Shouldn’t they be taken straight to jail after the courts kick them out? 

I mean… When the court kicks them out… They are literally saying they broke the law. Where is the consequence? 

Here is a crazy story in California. The Mediterranean estate at 1316 Beverly Grove which was listed for $4.5 million is being occupied by what is described as a sophisticated criminal ring of squatters. It is believed that the squatters are earning upwards of $30,000 a month renting rooms and hosting huge house parties with $100 entry fees. 

It doesn’t matter where or how much your property is. If it’s vacant, then it’s at risk. 

And technology has made it easier for these criminals to find houses to squat in. Online listings make it easy for a criminal to find a house. And this is crazy that some companies and any seller allows this, but squatters can then book an appointment with a virtual real estate agent and gain access to the property by booking a fake appointment. 

It’s also as easy as scanning a paper or websites looking for obituaries.

And like I said earlier. It’s only going to get worse as housing affordability continues to decline. Then factor in 10 million or more immigrants in the last couple years that are going to need housing and most likely be economically strapped. It’s just not a great scenario. 

If you own a vacant property, then take precautions. It’s crazy that this is an issue, but in today's day and age… I have just stopped becoming surprised. 

If you are a tired landlord or maybe inherited a house… Or heck, has a property with one of these criminal squatters in it and are looking to sell without the headaches of a traditional sale, then let’s chat. 

My name is Jeff Chubb and I buy houses anywhere in the country. I close quickly. I pay cash. And buy them in as-is condition. 

We Buy Houses Massachusetts or you can visit me at or find all of my contact information below. 

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