Top 10 Appreciating Towns in Massachusetts for 2023

Top 10 MA Appreciation

What a year! The consensus was that real estate values were going to tank, but yet the top real estate market in Massachusetts saw average sales increase nearly 30%! 

We saw 202 markets out of the 252 markets in the state see home values increase in 2023. So it is safe to say that for most homeowners it was a pretty good year throughout the state of Massachusetts.

In this video we are going to go over the top 10 appreciating markets for SIngle Family homes in Massachusetts in 2023. So how did we come about this data. We used the primary MLS in the state which is MLSPIN. We excluded any towns that had less than 30 sales in either 2022 or 2023 as that is not enough data for a complete analysis. Now let’s get into the data!

The 10th best appreciating town in Massachusetts for 2023 was Westborough, Massachusetts. Westborough saw 98 sales for an average sales price of $890,605. While sales levels were down 30.5%, home values in Westborough, MA were up 17.1% for 2023. Check out all the Westborough Homes For Sale !  

The 9th best appreciating town was Lunenburg, MA. Lunenburg had 127 Single Family homes sell in 2023. This equates to a 9.3% decrease in sales while their $573,270 average sales price equated to a 17.4% increase in pricing. 

The 8th highest appreciating town in Massachusetts was Ashburnham. Ashburnham had 78 single family homes close in 2023 for an average sales price of $470,137. Ashburnham had a 12.4% decrease in sales and a 17.4% increase in pricing in 2023.

The 7th best performing town in Massachusetts for 2023 was Holland, Massachusetts. Holland saw 30 home sales at an average sales price of $376,563 in 2023. This means that Holland saw a 31.8% decrease in sales with a 19.1% increase in pricing.

The 6th best performing town in Massachusetts was Groton, Mass. In 2023, Groton saw 93 homes close for an average sales price of $872,700. The 93 home sales represented an 18.4% decrease in sales levels while the $873 thousand dollar sales price represented a 20.9% appreciation rate. 

The 5th highest appreciating town in Massachusetts goes to Boylston. Boylston saw a 34% decrease in sales levels as they sold 33 homes for an average sales price of $881,417 in 2023. The average sales price was up 22.3% in Boylston. 

And on to Number 4! The 4th best performing town in Massachusetts goes to Hampden, Mass. Hampden was actually the only town that saw the amount of sales increase year over year. Hampden had 50 single family homes sell for an average sales price of $441,758. The 50 units sold represents a 16.3% increase in sales while the $442 thousand dollar average asking price equated to a 23.7% appreciation rate. 

The 3rd highest appreciating town was Manchester, Massachusetts. Manchester saw a 37% decline in sales with their 34 single family homes sold in 2023. These 34 houses had an average sales price of $2,158,857. This means that Manchester saw the average home price jump by 25.5% for 2023. These Manchester Homes For Sale are stunning

The 2nd highest appreciating town goes to Groveland, Mass. Groveland saw 43 homes close for an average sales price of $732,069. Sales levels were down a top 10 high of 38.6% while the average home price was up 28.5% for 2023. 

And this leads us to the top performing town for the state of Massachusetts in 2023. Beverly had 182 homes close for an average sales price of $945,531 in 2023. The 182 houses was 87 units or 32.3% off of last year's sales numbers when 269 units closed. The average home price in Beverly shot up by 29.6% in 2023 as the average price in 2022 was $729,857. The Beverly Homes For Sale are very nice, you should check them out! 

There were 50 markets in Massachusetts that saw housing prices go down… Be on the lookout for the top 10 depreciating towns of 2023. I was pretty surprised by a couple of the names on that list! 

And let me know if you have any questions. You can drop me a line in the comment section below or I invite you to reach out to me as all my contact information is in the description below. 

As always, I truly appreciate you keeping me in mind should you or anyone you know are thinking about buying or selling a home in 2024! 

So until next time.

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