Steps to Buying a Home - The 18 Steps of Buying a Home for First Time Home Buyers

The Steps to Buying a Home - The 18 Steps of Buying a Home for First Time Home Buyers

In this episode, we discuss all the steps when it comes to buying a home. Wondering how to buy a house? Well, we have counted and there are 18 steps! Some bigger and more important than others, but all important to know when buying a new home. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned veteran, this video will give you a rundown on how to buy a home step by step. This is most likely your biggest investment… It can be exciting, but also scary… This video is to help alleviate some of that fear!

About this video: You have decided that you want to buy a new home so what is next? In this video we discuss how to buy a home and walk you through a step-by-step process on what happens and when. We go through it all from the beginning all the way to the end when you are handed the keys to your dream home!

Step 1 - Meet with Your Realtor
Step 2 - Commit to Working with one Another
Step 3 - Get Pre-Approved or Pre-Committed
Step 4 - Define Must Haves & Nice to Haves
Step 5 - Narrow Down your Intersted Areas
Step 6 - Tour Homes & Fall in Love with One
Step 7 - Write an Offer
Step 8 - Mutual Acceptance of the Offer
Step 9 - Initial Binding Deposit (Escrow)
Step 10 - Home Inspection & other Due Dilligence
Step 11 - Sign Mutually Agreeable Purchase & Sale Agreement 
Step 11b - Second Deposit Made (Escrow)
Step 12 - Applyling for the Mortgage
Step 13 - Appraisal of the Property
Step 14 - Final Loan Commitment
Step 15 - Final Walk Through
Step 16 - Closing
Step 17 - Go on Record
Step 18 - Move in!

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