South Boston 2023 Real Estate Recap

South Boston 2023 Real Estate Recap

It wasn’t a bad year for South Boston Real Estate, but it wasn’t necessarily a good year either. 

Home sales in South Boston, Massachusetts were down 28.4% as there were 394 homes sold. This is compared to the 550 homes South Boston Homes sold in 2022. 

The median price for Homes For Sale in South Boston in 2023 was up by 1.6%. The median price of $863,500 is compared to the median price in 2022 of $850,000. 

Looking at the data, the decrease in the sales of new construction homes would have contributed to the decrease in sales levels as well as the home price appreciation that hasn’t been as strong as years past. In 2023, there were 49 condos sold that were built one or fewer years newer. That number was 68 homes in 2022. 

We also saw a reduction in the amount of sales of homes that were over $1.5 million. In 2023 we had 23 properties sell for over $1.5 million. This is compared to 33 in 2022. 

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