REALTORS - Add A Zero to Your Income...

Add a Zero to Your Income by doing this one thing!

This one killed me. Because it was so stupid and I couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing this my entire career in Real Estate. 

And the worst part is that even after all of those years and all of the transactions… I didn’t even think about it. I stole the idea when I was visiting a friend and learning about his operation. 

I immediately started to think about all the buyer clients that I had lost over the years because quite frankly… I was doing a crappy job working with them. 

Millions of dollars in lost fees. And it could have been so painfully easy to retain them... 

Real quick, hey it’s Jeff Chubb. I am a recovering RE/MAX, then eXp Agent that now is partnered with REAL. If you have any questions about my experiences, then know I am an open book and ready to help… All confidentially of course. And if you like the content, then I appreciate you slamming that like button right down there and considering subscribing!

Okay, so what is it? What is this painfully stupid idea?

It’s texting your clients house options that you have scrubbed. 

I know what you are thinking… DUH. But it’s the system that you need to put in place to ensure that you are consistent that makes the difference. 

Consistency is key in pretty much everything in life. But you can see the difference it makes in this business very quickly!

So here is the system. You most likely have a CRM that is sending your clients properties. Hopefully you have a CRM that tracks how often your buyers view a property as well… We will also dig into that one a little more in a couple of seconds. 

Now that you have your client setup to receive property listings, you now need to set yourself up as well. Set Up a direct MLS search and have the data pulled so that it sends you the house the moment it is listed. 

Now to be clear, this is not for every buyer in your database. This is for the home buyers that are serious. Your A and B buyers that have signed exclusive buyer agency agreements. 

By the way, did you catch that? Are you looking to provide more value to the folks that sign a buyer agency agreement? This is a differentiating value proposition!

It’s time to do the work and make the difference now that the MLS is set up to send you properties on your buyer John Smith’s home search.You will get these properties in your email and you will want to scrub the property. This is a very important part. You need to scrub it. You need to ensure that the house that you are about to text over to the client checks most, if not all of the buyer’s needed boxes.  

You don’t want to be texting over 33 houses a week. This is to be targeted. Think two or three a week and only if there are actually two or three good options. 

This will do a couple of things for you. This will increase your value in the eyes of your buyer and will also increase the likelihood that the buyer will schedule property showings. It increases the amount of communication to the home buyer which creates more loyalty. And I think that you will also find that it speeds up the search process. 

Back to your CRM and what it tracks. Hopefully your CRM notifies you if one of your prospective buyers has viewed a house 5 or more times. That is a pretty great indication that your home buyer has some strong interest. 

I hope that you are following up with them as well. Okay, maybe not reaching out to them every time that they look at a house 5 or more times. Because then they may just start to think that you are spying on them. 

And the text is simple, “Hi John, any thoughts on this one?”. If you have a CRM like I do then you are able to put in the MLS number and it will create a link with the text. But if you don’t have that feature, then simply go to your website and grab the web address link and have it as part of your text. 

DO NOT give them a link to Zillow or Redfin. Build up your own credibility with the home buyer. No theirs. 

Hope this helps. I can only imagine what it would be like if I had known and built out this system when I first started. 

Again, it’s Jeff Chubb. If you are considering changing brokerages and want to learn more about REAL Broker, then I would love to be the one to show you the advantages of teaming up with this amazing company. 


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