Most Expensive Towns in MA: South Shore

Most Expensive Towns in MA: Top 3 on the South Shore of Boston

There are a lot of Boston Suburbs. So many that we first split the areas around Boston by regions. We have the North Shore which is North of Boston, Metro West which is the suburbs to the West of Boston and the South Shore which are the suburbs in the South of the city.

Here are the three most expensive suburbs on the South Shore of Boston. Does the most expensive mean that they are the nicest? That is hard to say and really falls to personal opinion. But if you are looking for a nice suburb of Boston, want to be South of the city and have a nice budget… Then here is a short list that may make sense to start with.

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The most expensive town on the South Shore is Cohasset. The highest price home that sold last year was $6.75m with an average sales price of $1.5m.

Cohasset is a small town of a little over 8,000 people and is located about 16 miles South of the city of Boston. Cohasset is surrounded by Hull in the North, Hingham in the West and Scituate in the South. What makes Cohasset so unique and desirable is the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the town in the West.

Residents of Cohasset are quick to point out it’s like living on Cape Cod, but with the proximity of Boston. It is the best of both words. Cohasset has two beaches, one harbor that opens directly out to the Atlantic and a “Gold Coast” Coastline.

The community enjoys a commuter rail stop, but also enjoy the close proximity to the commuter ferry in Hingham. Furthermore, their school system is ranked as one of the best school systems on the South Shore making this an additional draw to people moving from Boston.

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The second most expensive town on the South Shore is Hingham. The highest price home that sold last year was $4.9m with an average sales price of $1.27m.

Hingham is about 15 miles south of Boston and is a neighboring town of Cohasset. If you were driving to Cohasset from Boston, then you would pass through Hingham. Hingham is a large town with more than 24,000 residents. Hingham pretty much offers it all with waterfront, a quintessential New England town and a large commercial area like Derby Street and the Shipyard which is… on the water and where the MBTA Ferry access is.

Hingham has some amazing recreation areas with the 500-acre Bare Cove Park and the 250 acre World’s End Peninsula that overlooks Hingham Harbor. And then there is the Wompatuck State Park which includes another 3,000 acres of woodland.

Residents enjoy two MBTA Commuter Train Stops in town as well as that Ferry service that I mentioned which drops commuters off at the Rowes Wharf. And there is a bar on this ferry… Just saying! Fun fact: Bill Belichick calls Hingham home.

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And to round out the top 3 most expensive towns on the South Shore, we find the town of Westwood in the third spot. The highest price home that sold last year was $6.1m with an average sales price of $1.2m.

Westwood is a community of a little over 16,000 people and is located 12 miles southwest of Boston. It is a situated in what many find to be an extremely convenient location being at the junction of 95 and 93. Aside from their convenient location, they also are served by two MBTA Commuter Rail Stations and even have full MBTA bus services.

The children of Westwood are able to utilize five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Like many other towns throughout Massachusetts, Westwood has many areas of recreation including the Mulvehill Conservation which is a 90 acre park with public walking trails is adjacent to Lowell Woods which is another 71 acre recreation area with 1.2 miles of trails. Rice Reservation and Lymans Pond make up 118 acres of recreational space for Westwood residents to stretch out.

Then there is University Station which is a vibrant, mixed-use development that offers its residents a lot to do. For starters it is home to the Route 128 Amtrak Station. It also combines retail, fitness, restaurants, residential, office and hotel uses. It is here where you will find Wegmans, Target and Nordsrom Rack. Some of the restaurants that you find will include Del Friscos, Not Your Average Joes, Smash Burger and Chipotle among others… There is also a Brigham and Woman’s Health Care Center which includes an urgent care facility.

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So, there you have it… There are the three most expensive towns on the South Shore of Boston. If you are relocating to Boston and looking for a Boston Suburb, then this may be a great place to start… But know there are a lot of suburbs all offering people different value. For example, Cohasset is by the water… If that is your sort of thing, then you will love Cohasset. But if you are looking for more convenience then Westwood would be a great choice…. Because Cohasset isn’t exactly convenient to get to.

If you are a little confused or overwhelmed, then know that is completely understandable as there are a LOT of suburbs! Know that I am here to help you sort them out.

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