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Top 10 Markets in Massachusetts that Could See a Price Correction

The Top 10 Markets that Could See a Price Correction

I am on the record saying that I do not believe that the state of Massachusetts as a whole will see a housing crash with severe price corrections. I am also on record saying that I do believe some towns in our market have more potential for a minor price correction than others.

I have been repeatedly asked which towns in Massachusetts are the most likely to see some sort of pricing correction and because I didn’t have any data… I was always reluctant to provide any answers. Well, that changes today! This is a data driven analysis. No back handed feelings helping drive up or down a specific market. And there were towns that I personally deep down feel like should be on this list… But the data says otherwise.

So, what specific data metrics did I look at? The first metric that I wanted to look at were the markets with the largest appreciation gains since 2019. I disqualified any towns that had less then 50 sales as I felt that was not enough sales data with one or two outliers being to easily able to skew the data one way or another. .

It is my belief that the towns that had the largest gains would most likely be the ones that give it back. For example, the #1 town on the list has seen nearly a 59% increase in the average sales price since 2019. That is nearly 15% per year. But the 20th town on the list had a little over a 65% increase in sales prices. So, what gives?

I channeled my investment banking days when I traded mortgages to come up with these calculations and this list. When evaluating risk on a pool of mortgages, we would look at certain obvious characteristics like average down payment percentage, average FICO scores and asset concentration. But another area of very specific importance was second homes and investment property...

Is there going to be a Massachusetts Real Estate Market Crash?

Is there going to be a Real Estate Market Crash?

Is there going to be a real estate crash in Massachusetts like we saw in 2008? Time will tell, but let’s look at the data so we can make an educated prediction about the future of our real estate market rather then just throwing around guesses while relying on national data.

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The most important thing to remember when it comes to real estate is that real estate is local. What is going on here in Massachusetts is different then what is going on in California. And what is going on in specific markets within our state are going to be different as well. So, for example, what is going on in Brockton Homes For Sale may just be a lot different then what is going on in Cohasset Homes For Sale.

To figure out where we are headed, let’s first take a look at the past. Specifically, data on the 2008 real estate crash. The Average home sale price in Massachusetts in 2005 was $434,095. It would dip slightly in 2006 to $430k then go up slightly in 2007 to a hair under $432k to hit its low point in 2009 at $359,443 to rebound in 2010 with an average sale price of about $381k. So that would be a little more then 17% drop in home prices from the peak in 2005 to the low in...