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Boston Neighborhoods

Boston Neighborhoods

The Neighborhoods of Boston

Boston real estate is made up of neighborhoods - each with it’s own unique feel and character. From architecture and culture to food and shopping, you can find what you are looking for here.  Each of these neighborhoods is, in its own way, responsible for the tremendous growth of the Boston real estate market in 2018.

The City of Boston

Boston is considered a city of culture and, has somewhat of an intellectual reputation. Mark Twain once wrote

"In New York, they ask, 'How much money does he have?' In Philadelphia, they ask, 'Who were his parents?' In Boston they ask, 'How much does he know?"

There is no one best neighborhood in Boston to live in. The neighborhood you choose will really depend on your budget, where you will be employed, do you have a growing family, are you retired and, what you like to do for entertainment.

The Neighborhoods of Boston in a Nutshell

The neighborhoods of Boston are ...