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Moving to Boston Suburbs: Town Guide - Quincy, MA

Quincy and that is pronounced QUIN ‘ZEE’ is a city south of Boston with over 101,000 residents. The City of Presidents is located in Norfolk County and is the seventh largest city in the state. In this post we are going to unpack all of Quincy from talking about Quincy history to what it is like today. We are going to go over Quincy neighborhoods, Quincy schools and things to do in Quincy for recreation which include beaches and parks. 

It is called the City of Presidents because it is the birthplace of two U.S Presidents – John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams. John Hancock who was the President of the Continental Congress and the first signer of the Declaration of Independence was also from Quincy.

Quincy was part of Dorchester then a precinct of Braintree and then finally became its own town in 1792 and would graduate to being a city in 1888. Quincy was home to a thriving granite industry and was the site of the Granite Railway that was the first commercial railroad in the U.S. Fun fact, the granite used at the Bunker Hill Monument was granite from Quincy! Quincy was also known for their Shipbuilding and more recently contributed to our current world with the founding of Howard Johnson’s and most importantly for all the Coffee Drinkers… Dunkin Donuts. Yes… That is right, Quincy was the first city to run on Dunkin. (More about Quincy Below the homes for sale)