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Health Benefits Of Beach Life

health benefits

Health Benefits of Living by the Beach

I recently came across the article Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend That You Visit The Beach Regularly, which greatly intrigued me.  I can’t begin to say how amazing it is to live by the beach. No matter how stressful the day, it only takes a few minutes to melt the stress away.

Last night my wife went out to dinner with the girls and I was left to fend for for myself and our two daughters. Out of initial laziness, I decided it best to order Victoria’s Subs. Driving by Straits Pond and realizing how perfect of a night it was, I quickly made the decision to head down to Sandy Beach (Insert Link Here to Beach blog post done prior). A simple dinner turned into a night I don’t think I will ever forget. Reagan running after the Seagulls wearing her purple tutu while Madison enjoyed nature’s sound machine, asleep in her carseat.

Oftentimes, Reagan would take a break and run back to me to take a bite of her sandwich and take a sip of her seltzer water with the waves breaking and Minot Light off in the distance. While I don’t own a waterfront Cohasset Home, you can search all Cohasset ...

Investment In Boston Rentals

boston rentals

Boston Rentals Show Promising Investment Opportunities

Boston homes are not staying on the market long. No matter what neighborhood you look in, there are few open houses or for sale signs to discover. When you do come across a house for sale in Quincy, Waltham, Medford, or Newton, then you will want to contact the agent immediately because some homes are spending only a day or two on the market. Can you imagine how fast a cute home with stylish upgrades and modern appliances will go with these turnover rates? Striking while the iron is hot could net you big returns if you choose the right property. Signs are pointing to turning homes into multi-unit rentals to get the most income. Switching over design ideas and making functional changes do not have to be intense and budget breaking. By adding a rooftop bar, a backyard barbecue, or a fabulous appliance package in the kitchen, you can draw in rental applicants fast.

Current Prices for Boston Homes for Sale

Redfin says that the average sales price for a home in Boston was $712,000 in June 2018. Many homes get multiple offers with down payments ranging from less than ten percent and almost a quarter of the total price of the home. None of the homes on the site were listed for more than 28 days with several getting the sold sign within two to three days after listing. When you own Milton MA real estate, then you have a good opportunity to sell your home for higher than market value with many offers coming in over sale price to beat out the competition. The average price...

21 Tips: Selling For The Best Profit

21 tips selling for the best profit

21 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your House to Net You Thousands More

What are those things you always want to achieve when selling your house? For most people, the most important things are being able to sell quicker at a better price. In a competitive market like the Boston real estate, you’ll need more than luck to get your property sold at maximum value. Want to learn how you can sell your home faster in Boston? These 21 tips will not only ensure you sell faster but they’ll also ensure you get top dollar on the transaction.

1. Make repairs

You may have lived all along with stained ceilings, broken windows, missing tile, a heavily-scratched floor, or some other dents and issues. It’s fine though, after all, you’re the landlord of your house. But that is about that. Since you’ll be putting your home on the market soon, you won’t like anything to get in your way of making a great sale. If there is one thing that will greatly affect the way prospective buyers value your home, leaving these issues that need repairs unattended to is one thing that will devalue and de-market your property to a large extent. If you’re hoping to get maximum value before placing your home for sale in or near Boston, consider fixing any problem you can.

2. Complete unfinished projects

It’s no doubt you’ll have one or more project...

Top 5 Beaches Near Boston

top 5 beaches near boston

Boston's Top 5 Beaches

If you have a home for sale in Cohasset, then you might want to point out to potential buyers that Boston has excellent beaches to explore. New home buyers can enjoy a fun afternoon soaking up the sun, playing beach volleyball, splashing in the water, exploring the beach shops, or having a nice picnic. Boston has numerous recreational activities for families living in the area giving you an advantage when selling Milton, MA real estate.

coaFor example, knowing that you can get to Crane Beach via the commuter rail from North Station and take it to Ipswich might be important to someone relocating to Quincy, Brookline, Mattapan, West Roxbury, or Hanover. Helping out-of-town buyers learn about the area will give you or your agent a way to connect with open house guests. Making an emotional bond is a fast way to get people to feel an attachment to your home.

America's Oldest Beach, Revere Beach

Known as America's Oldest Beach, Revere Beach is 122 years old beginning public service in 1896. Guests like to visit the park to go swimming, soak up the sun, listen to musical acts, and sample new foods at the restaurants and food stands on the grounds. Events like annual sand castle build-off and sculpture contests along with kite competitions entertain young and old alike. Visitors find that Revere Park has festivals, fireworks for the holidays, and outdoor movie nights that people buying in Quincy,...