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4 Things To Check When House Hunting

4 Things To Check When House Hunting

4 Not-So-Obvious Things To Check When House Hunting

One of the most important purchases in life is buying a house. But even though picking a new home is exciting, it can be a daunting and anxious process. Often you will get over excited and end up thinking with the heart instead of the head.

Well, the exhilaration is a natural feeling that can plunge you into a serious time and money sink if you’re not taking everything into consideration.. With a real estate agent on your side, the process of picking the right house which suits your needs is simplified.

Of course, you contemplate several factors in making the decision. The features most people narrow down first are the size of the house, the location, the neighborhood, and the condition of the house itself.

As there are many aspects to cover, it’s easy to overlook checking into some not-so-obvious features that could adversely impact your stay in the house. These house hunting tips will help you gain a clear eye when scrutinizing homes for sale.

The Home’s Age


What Does A Listing Agent Do?

What Does A Listing Agent Do?

What Can A Listing Agent Do For You

For many of us buying a home was the biggest financial decision we’ve ever made. Now that it’s time to sell your home you want to make sure that you get the best price possible, as quickly as possible.

There are a lot of moving parts to selling a house and the first thing a savvy home seller should do is hire a reputable real estate agent. The best way to ensure that the sale of your most valuable asset goes smoothly and to the highest bidder is to put it in professional hands.

The Skills A Listing Agent Can Offer

In particular, those selling their home for the first time may not fully understand exactly what a good listing agent can do for them. So let’s go over some of their skillsets: First and foremost a real estate agent will have knowledge about the housing market in the neighborhoods and surrounding area, and have access to sales data that will enable you to know exactly what your home is worth in the current market.

A listing agent will have complete access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database of homes for sale. Their first task will be to ...

For the Shopaholic - Hudson vs. Concord

For the Shopaholic - Hudson vs. Concord

For the Shopaholic - Hudson vs. Concord

For installment two of the Boston Magazine comparison, we jump to the towns that they have identified that are perfect for the ‘Shopaholic’. Boston Magazine highlighted Hudson, MA and Concord, MA as two perfect towns for homebuyers that ‘enjoys lovely boutique-lined streets’. Lets dive into the numbers and see what the current market conditions and real estate trends are for Hudson and Concord, MA.

Overall Heath Of Boston's Market

To calculate the overall health of Boston's real estate market place we look to the months of inventory on the market. In Hudson we have had 83 homes sell in the last 6 months making for an average of 13.83 per month. This is compared to the same time period last year when we saw 65 homes close for an average of 10.83 per month.

This means that today we currently have 1.08 month’s worth of inventory this year compared to 1.10 months of inventory this time last year. In other words, the Hudson Market is still a hot seller’s market that has seen statistically no change in the market...