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Most Expensive Towns in MA: South Shore

Most Expensive Towns in MA: Top 3 on the South Shore of Boston

There are a lot of Boston Suburbs. So many that we first split the areas around Boston by regions. We have the North Shore which is North of Boston, Metro West which is the suburbs to the West of Boston and the South Shore which are the suburbs in the South of the city.

Here are the three most expensive suburbs on the South Shore of Boston. Does the most expensive mean that they are the nicest? That is hard to say and really falls to personal opinion. But if you are looking for a nice suburb of Boston, want to be South of the city and have a nice budget… Then here is a short list that may make sense to start with.

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The most expensive town on the South Shore is Cohasset. The highest price home that sold last year was $6.75m with an average sales price of $1.5m.

Cohasset is a small town of a little over 8,000 people and is located about 16 miles South of the city of Boston. Cohasset is surrounded by Hull in the North, Hingham in the West and Scituate in the South. What makes Cohasset so unique and desirable is the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the town in the West.

Residents of Cohasset are quick to point out it’s like living on Cape Cod, but with the proximity of Boston. It is the best of both words. Cohasset has two beaches, one harbor that opens directly out to the Atlantic and a “Gold Coast” Coastline.

The community enjoys a commuter rail stop, but also enjoy the close proximity to...

When to Start the Home Buying Process

When to Start the Home Buying Process

We get the question “When should I start the home buying process” all the time. It’s a great question and one that ultimately changes as the market conditions changes. So lets dig in on the question of When to Start the Home Buying Process.

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A lot has changed in the last couple years. At this point, I feel the mental image of me sitting on a porch rocking back and forth in my rocking chair talking about the “good ole days” pretty much sums it up. A couple years ago we could meet with a buyer and go over what they are looking for and turn to the market and find some options… Today that is not the case.

I was talking with a buyer today and she provided me three large towns as a target area… There were 7 houses for sale in all of the price ranges. Seven.

Being a buyer today takes more time, more patience and more preparation. If you are one of those buyers that just run out and start touring houses without coming up with a plan… Then get prepared for a world of frustration… and heart break!

So why is that we are seeing these market dynamics of an extreme seller’s market?

It is a great question and one that there is ultimately no single answer for.

Yes, you will hear about how we can’t build enough and how new build starts are low… But we are a rather mature market with little possibility of major development like you can see in some markets in the South.

I can’t stand the Covid excuse anymore... But this one isn’t really an excuse. Covid changed the way we live and utilize our houses. We have seen a shift back to where people value more space as where pre-covid we were seeing trends...