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The Beaches of Cohasset

The Beaches of Cohasset MA

the beaches of cohasset

Living in a town nestled on the ocean has it perks. It wasn’t too long ago that my wife and I were planning to meet after work at the Beach. The problem is we didn’t clarify which beach to meet at. These are some of the issues you must deal with when you live in Cohasset. You must be specific which beach you are headed to.

Although there are many things to do in Cohasset, enjoying the beaches is on the top of the list for most residents. In town we have two beaches that are open to Cohasset Residents to use. Sandy Beach and Black Rock "Rocky” Beach are our little slices of heaven, but while both are beaches… They both have very different personalities!

Our Beaches

While we don’t get points for creativity for the beach names, they are both beautiful and amazing in their own right. Black Rock Beach is located at the intersection of Forest Avenue and Jerusalem Road. While Rocky, Black Rock Beach is a fun beach to sit back and relax on as well as explore. With the roll in and out of tides, the landscape is constantly changing offering opportunities for tide pools to play in and sand glass to discover. Other favorite activities are fishing from the rocks and swimming. The makeup of the beach is constantly changing with each storm that passes through, so there is always something to discover at this Cohasset gem!

Parking for Black Rock Beach can be a little challenging during the peak season. In order to park, you must have a ...

Using a REALTOR to Sell Your Cohasset Home

Selling Your Cohasset Home with the Assistance of a Realtor 

When the time comes to sell your home in Cohasset or any of the surrounding cities of Greater Boston, many sellers start contemplating how they can get the maximum price for their property. Whether it’s a buyer or seller's market, a homeowner might start considering trying to sell their property without using a real estate agent to save on commission but, before you put that FSBO sign in your yard, check out these reasons why it might be in your best interest to have a Boston Realtor at your side if you want to get the highest possible price for your home.

Bringing in Buyers from Greater Boston and Beyond

Imagine trying to reach buyers in Boston and all the surrounding cities of Greater Boston. If you thought it was expensive to pay a realtor a commission to sell your house, wait until you discover the price to list your home with pictures in any of those real estate publications on your own. Consider your house doesn't sell for months or years, you could be spending several thousand dollars just in advertising, and there is no guarantee someone will make an offer. When working with a Boston real estate agent, they are going to take care of getting the word out about your home for you.

Now only will your home be listed in local and regional real estate magazines and classified ads, your realtor has inroads to other realtors in the area who have clients interested in buying a home like yours. The price of those connections alone is well worth the commission any realtor secures for their hard work.

Handling the Complexities of Buyer Contracts...

How to Stage Your Boston Home Before Selling

how to stage your boston home

Staging Your Home to Sell

Living in the Boston area means that your home is highly desirable when it comes time to sell, but this region tends to stay a buyer's market longer because all the homes are in demand year round. In order to attract qualified buyers and get your full selling price, it is important to stage the house correctly.

These are some tips from local Boston real estate agents that will help when you are selling your home:

Increasing the Curb Appeal

With so much in the way of inventory available for those buying a home, curb appeal is the key to getting them to consider your home. Your realtor can put you in touch with a landscaping crew that can plant flowers, trim hedges, mulch around trees, maintain the lawn, and ensure your property has maximum appeal.

Be sure to call a professional power washing crew that can give new life to the exterior of the home, the fence, the patio and deck, the sidewalks, and the driveway, easily removing tree sap, bird droppings, and other debris.

Fixing Any Minor Repairs

home repairsThe time to make all repairs in the house is long before the first potential buyers come walking through. The key to staging is to leave that positive lasting impression on the potential buyer, so that once they leave, they start imagining themselves living in that space. If they notice...

Low Inventory in Boston Encourages Growth in Cohasset, Hingham, Quincy and Weymouth

low inventory in boston

Tech Companies are Coming

The sweepstakes for Amazon’s second headquarters has included cities from Denver, CO to Columbus, OH. Whichever city is chosen will also be winning a massive bump in the real estate market in the entire metro area. Amazon, like most technology companies, is looking for three main things. A young, educated workforce, great city life, and tax breaks. Even with heavy competition, Boston is looking like a front-runner right now. The latest example is Amazon’s acquisition last week of Sqrrl, which is a Cambridge based technology company.

By making this purchase, Amazon is showing us how much interest they have in setting up shop in the area. This startup, which is now a part of Amazon Web Services, could be Amazon’s way of testing the city as a place for their employees to live and work. One thing that will definitely be put to the test is the real estate market, which is already loaded with high-quality potential buyers that work for major companies like General Electric and New Balance, which have regional headquarters here. 

What This Means for the Housing Market

boston real estateIn short – it’s hot and getting hotter. Prices are already at an all time-high for the market,...