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Trending Paint Colors for 2019

Trending Paint Colors For 2019

Best Trending Paint Colors For 2019

Do you have homes you plan to sell in 2019? Are you an investor who likes to add a hip and trendy accent wall to your houses? Looking for the important real estate trends? When stark white is driving you crazy, 2019's colors can help your house stand out from others on the market with neutrals that are no longer bland and boring.

Some of the hottest real estate tips have to do with color you choose. Glidden says to use muted yellows and tans to brighten up dull spaces without turning off potential buyers. Light gray shades are back, pairing beautifully with slate blues and charcoal grays for stunning color combinations. 

Greige Is The Hottest Tone

Greige Paint Color

Whether you put “Greige”...

5 Important Real Estate Trends

5 Important Real Estate Trends

Five Important Trends In Real Estate

You may not think that popular ideas like joining a co-op or using a real estate CRM program are important, or even what they mean. Take note, these advances might be just the thing your house needs to set it apart and get the listing in front of a better audience.

Even though the inventory is lower in comparison to previous years, it does not mean an automatic sell. While some homes enjoy a nice bidding war before going for full price or higher, some houses sit on the market and see very little interest. How can you make sure that the work you do is not in vain? Here are five of the leading tips that real estate agents offer up to help sellers get the best return when they get ready to sell.

Advanced Technologies In The Real Estate Market

Looking at properties from a different perspective like the view you might get from a drone is one way that top real estate firms entice web guests to spend time looking at houses for sale online. Virtual staging is another tool that the top sites use to help browsers envision themselves in the home.