How to Stage Your Boston Home Before Selling

how to stage your boston home

Staging Your Home to Sell

Living in the Boston area means that your home is highly desirable when it comes time to sell, but this region tends to stay a buyer's market longer because all the homes are in demand year round. In order to attract qualified buyers and get your full selling price, it is important to stage the house correctly.

These are some tips from local Boston real estate agents that will help when you are selling your home:

Increasing the Curb Appeal

With so much in the way of inventory available for those buying a home, curb appeal is the key to getting them to consider your home. Your realtor can put you in touch with a landscaping crew that can plant flowers, trim hedges, mulch around trees, maintain the lawn, and ensure your property has maximum appeal.

Be sure to call a professional power washing crew that can give new life to the exterior of the home, the fence, the patio and deck, the sidewalks, and the driveway, easily removing tree sap, bird droppings, and other debris.

Fixing Any Minor Repairs

home repairsThe time to make all repairs in the house is long before the first potential buyers come walking through. The key to staging is to leave that positive lasting impression on the potential buyer, so that once they leave, they start imagining themselves living in that space. If they notice the sink is leaking, the window was broken, a door is off the hinges, they will focus on that issue and it might be just enough to convince them to choose another house down the road that was perfect inside and out.

Before scheduling any appointments to see the house, your realtor can put you in touch with a qualified repairmen and contractors who can make the needed repairs to your home so it is in perfect condition when it is time to show.

Eliminating Pet Odors

When pets are in the home, many residents tend to get nose blind to the odors that are left behind. Although the potential buyers are well aware many sellers have pets, it can leave a negative impression on them when they open that door and the pet odor smacks them in the face. Hiding traces of your pet will help to eliminate this being something that sticks in the buyer's mind when considering your residence.

Before a buyer shows up for a viewing, hide the pet toys, bring the pets with you when you leave the house so the buyers have free reign, and hire a professional cleaning company to help eliminate pet odors. Local cleaning companies can steam clean carpeting, polish hardwood floors, and freshen up the upholstery throughout the house, eliminating any signs of pets and leaving the home smelling fresh and clean.

Give the Interior a Neutral Appeal

neutral interiorThe key to selling your Boston home is getting the potential buyer emotionally invested so they choose your home over all others. To do this, staging the rooms so they have a neutral decor is ideal. Time to take down all the photographs of the family and box them for the move. Buyers need to imagine their family in the house, not using  energy trying to not imagine your family living there. Take personal effects off the refrigerator, keep candles on the mantle, and place more landscape images in place of family portraits throughout the house. If the rooms need a fresh new look, hire a local painter who can use neutral colors to make the rooms appealing to all potential buyers, regardless their taste. Neutral colors mean less work when the buyers move it, something they will certainly consider.

Removing All That Clutter

The move is coming eventually, now is the time to get a head start and pack away all the clutter throughout the house. Start with closets, box anything you won't be wearing for the next six months, it frees up that space and give the appearance of more room. Take everything off the kitchen counters that you aren't using, and empty the cabinets to the bare minimum. Potential buyers will be looking in every draw, cabinet, and closet, the more space they see, the more they can imagine their belongings fitting in there perfectly.

Ask your realtor for assistance with renting space at a storage facility, they will have inroads to these facilities so you can store your kitchen belongings, clothing, and clutter from the garage, sheds, and attic.

The Power of the Open House

Your Boston realtor realizes you get one chance to make that first impression, and they will utilize their skills at the open house to put your home in the best possible light. In order to stage the house perfectly, they will have soft music playing to relax the buyers. Your realtor may bake some cookies in the oven to create images of home in the minds of the buyer, something they will remember once they are gone. Lights will be on in every room, closet doors open, basically giving the buyer free reign of the house and the feeling there is nothing to hide.

When it comes to selling your home, your realtor understands it is all in the presentation and will consult with you if any areas need attention. The goal here is creating a warm environment that allows the buyer to imagine they can move right in to your home with minimal effort.

Keep in mind that when someone is buying a home in the Boston area, they are looking to enjoy the lifestyle that comes with each neighborhood. Working with the best local real estate agents will ensure that your home looks stunning and that qualified buyers who are ready to make a decision come walking in the door.


#1 By Sienna at 3/28/2018 3:17 PM

Boston has some gorgeous homes and condos, and the markets are hot, but you are right to remind sellers that pet odors are still not OK. Another good staging tip for Boston, if you have a small extra room that could be a home office, stage it that way! Many people in the tech industries, medical fields, or academia want home work space very much, so it's a plus! The article has this good advice along with an overview of the real estate scene that will help sellers know to whom they are marketing and who will be seeing their beautiful staging.

#2 By Home Staging at 12/27/2018 5:44 AM

Home staging is an effective way to show buyers and their agents that you go the extra mile to create an outstanding impression. Home buyers today tend to be savvier, mainly when they work with seasoned buying agents.

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