Do You Leave a Voicemail?

Do You Leave a Voicemail?

Are you making the most out of your prospecting time with leaving the right voicemail?

Hi, I am Jeff Chubb and I wanted to share with you the proper technique as well as a successful script when leaving a voicemail to increase your conversation rates.

If you are leaving a voicemail and trying to sell yourself in the voicemal, then you are wasting your time.

A prospect will not all you back from a message where you are talking all about you or some special offer.

So what’s on a selling yourself email? What does it sound like? It would sound something like, “Hi, I am Jeff Chubb with eXp Realty. We have a proven and repeatable system that has been proven to get seller’s more money…BLAH BLAH BLAH

People do not want to be sold. They have deleted the message by the word “proven”. Don’t sell yourself. None of this is about you!

What is the intention of leaving a voicemail? It’s to get them to call you back! So think like a consumer.

So what should you do when leaving a voicemail?

You want to remove your title and leave a lot of curiosity in the message.

So what does that sound like? “Hi, this is Jeff 617-480-2600, I sent you an email. Give me a call when you have a couple minutes. 617-480-2600”

Notice I am not saying a title or anything about eXp Realty or the Chubb Realty Group.

So what are we doing here? We are putting curiousity in the air in regards to “what email?”.

It is EXTREMELY important to not leave anything else other than your phone number. No brokerage information, no website, no details about the services… Nothing.

The only point of this is to get them to call you back so you can do the selling on the phone. You will never sell anything over a voicemail.

Does it need to be this exactly? Of course not! But keep it simple. Don’t sell. Leave them with some curiosity.

Next time I figure we will talk about when to leave voicemails so to not get on their blocked list.

Again, I am Jeff Chubb with the Chubb Realty Group at eXp Realty. If you have any questions about how to grow your business, then would love to chat… Always need new ideas.

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