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Investment In Boston Rentals

boston rentals

Boston Rentals Show Promising Investment Opportunities

Boston homes are not staying on the market long. No matter what neighborhood you look in, there are few open houses or for sale signs to discover. When you do come across a house for sale in Quincy, Waltham, Medford, or Newton, then you will want to contact the agent immediately because some homes are spending only a day or two on the market. Can you imagine how fast a cute home with stylish upgrades and modern appliances will go with these turnover rates? Striking while the iron is hot could net you big returns if you choose the right property. Signs are pointing to turning homes into multi-unit rentals to get the most income. Switching over design ideas and making functional changes do not have to be intense and budget breaking. By adding a rooftop bar, a backyard barbecue, or a fabulous appliance package in the kitchen, you can draw in rental applicants fast.

Current Prices for Boston Homes for Sale

Redfin says that the average sales price for a home in Boston was $712,000 in June 2018. Many homes get multiple offers with down payments ranging from less than ten percent and almost a quarter of the total price of the home. None of the homes on the site were listed for more than 28 days with several getting the sold sign within two to three days after listing. When you own Milton MA real estate, then you have a good opportunity to sell your home for higher than market value with many offers coming in over sale price to beat out the competition. The average price...

21 Tips: Selling For The Best Profit

21 tips selling for the best profit

21 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your House to Net You Thousands More

What are those things you always want to achieve when selling your house? For most people, the most important things are being able to sell quicker at a better price. In a competitive market like the Boston real estate, you’ll need more than luck to get your property sold at maximum value. Want to learn how you can sell your home faster in Boston? These 21 tips will not only ensure you sell faster but they’ll also ensure you get top dollar on the transaction.

1. Make repairs

You may have lived all along with stained ceilings, broken windows, missing tile, a heavily-scratched floor, or some other dents and issues. It’s fine though, after all, you’re the landlord of your house. But that is about that. Since you’ll be putting your home on the market soon, you won’t like anything to get in your way of making a great sale. If there is one thing that will greatly affect the way prospective buyers value your home, leaving these issues that need repairs unattended to is one thing that will devalue and de-market your property to a large extent. If you’re hoping to get maximum value before placing your home for sale in or near Boston, consider fixing any problem you can.

2. Complete unfinished projects

It’s no doubt you’ll have one or more project...

Top 5 Beaches Near Boston

top 5 beaches near boston

Boston's Top 5 Beaches

If you have a home for sale in Cohasset, then you might want to point out to potential buyers that Boston has excellent beaches to explore. New home buyers can enjoy a fun afternoon soaking up the sun, playing beach volleyball, splashing in the water, exploring the beach shops, or having a nice picnic. Boston has numerous recreational activities for families living in the area giving you an advantage when selling Milton, MA real estate.

coaFor example, knowing that you can get to Crane Beach via the commuter rail from North Station and take it to Ipswich might be important to someone relocating to Quincy, Brookline, Mattapan, West Roxbury, or Hanover. Helping out-of-town buyers learn about the area will give you or your agent a way to connect with open house guests. Making an emotional bond is a fast way to get people to feel an attachment to your home.

America's Oldest Beach, Revere Beach

Known as America's Oldest Beach, Revere Beach is 122 years old beginning public service in 1896. Guests like to visit the park to go swimming, soak up the sun, listen to musical acts, and sample new foods at the restaurants and food stands on the grounds. Events like annual sand castle build-off and sculpture contests along with kite competitions entertain young and old alike. Visitors find that Revere Park has festivals, fireworks for the holidays, and outdoor movie nights that people buying in Quincy,...

Blockchain And Real Estate

blockchain and real estate

Blockchain for Real Estate

Last month, hotelier Rick Hilton auctioned his Roman mansion at a cryptocurrency auction signaling the arrival of the blockchain. Here's how technology is changing real estate. That doesn't mean your local real estate agent will let you buy a home using cryptocurrency in the next week or two, though. But blockchain technology has arrived, and it’s just now starting to show true emergence in real estate transactions.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain offers multiple functions. This technology hosts other applications on a platform, but its basic function remains the processing and immutable recording of any transaction on its platform in a ledger. It does so in an orderly fashion, one "block" of data at a time, time-date stamped in a "chain." It's literally a virtual chain, or series, of events or transactions. A blockchain may be centralized or decentralized.

What is cryptocurrency?

Many blockchains have developed their own proprietary cryptocurrency for their specific consumer use. Transactions can be for the purchase, sale, or transfer of any asset stored or represented on that blockchain. For example, in Russia, Burger King launched a proprietary cryptocurrency called WhopperCoin. Burger King customers earn WhopperCoin when they buy a Whopper. You can also...

Jeffrey Chubb & The Chubb Realty Group Move to EXP Realty

We Are Now Associated with EXP Realty

Jeffrey Chubb & the Chubb Realty Group announced today that they have joined EXP Realty, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage. Chubb focuses on providing superior service to home buyers and sellers in the Boston Metro Market.

As the largest residential real estate brokerage by geography in North America, EXP Realty provides 24/7 access to collaborative tools, training and socialization for real estate brokers and agents through its fully-immersive, virtual campus Realty.

Jeffrey Chubb & the Chubb Realty Group is one of RE/MAX’s top teams in Massachusetts and the New England Region. In 2017, they represented 89 sides valued at over $42 million in transaction volume. Jeffrey is also a National Real Estate Coach for Club Wealth, the #1 Coaching Company for Real Estate teams in the country.

“The Chubb Realty Group has always been focused on providing superior service to their clients with innovative marketing approaches like their Guaranteed Sold in 29 Days Seller Program or their Home Equity Guarantee for home buyers. By joining EXP Realty and leveraging their expansive North American network and cutting edge technology, it allows our team to expand its marketing and service reach beyond the Boston Metro Area.”

said Jeffrey Chubb, team leader of the Chubb Realty Group.


A Look Back: 100 Years of Single Family Housing Architecture in #Boston

a look back at 100 years of housing

100 Years of Housing Architecture & Design

  The oldest continuously inhabited homes in America are found in Taos, New Mexico, and they were constructed around the year 1600. The oldest surviving stone house in America is located in Guilford, Connecticut, and it was built in 1639. Just a year later, the Richard Sparrow House in Plymouth, Massachusetts, along with the Loomis Homestead in Guilford, Connecticut, were built. By the turn of the 20th century, many homes were being built in America with each decade seeing a new popular home style. Here is a look at some popular styles throughout the decades of the 20th century.  

1900- Colonial Revival

  While the Biltmore Estate, containing more than 178,926 square feet, was just five years old at the turn of the century, many people were buying Colonial Revival homes. While a very few one-story Colonial Revival homes were constructed, the majority have two stories. Originally, these homes were built with a symmetrical facade, but many had side porches added to one or both sides. Most have gabled roofs with extremely narrow eaves, but about 25 percent of them were constructed with hip roofs. One of the most common features of these large homes is a central front entrance that builders made even...

Three Ways Driverless Cars will affect the Real Estate Industry

driverless cars


Driverless Cars affecting the Real Estate Industry

Are you ready for the driverless revolution? I am sure you have heard about how driverless car technology is being advanced at a fast pace with many believing we will see a flood of driverless vehicles on the road in less than five years. With this in mind, I bet you are surprised to hear that many believe that this transportation revolution will have profound effect on real estate.  

Yes, you could almost consider driverless vehicles a real estate technology as industry experts are predicting some major changes to the real estate market when we see start to see cars without drivers. It will radically affect how you buy a home, use Realtors and invest in the industry. How is this possible? You are in luck as we explore three main ways our real estate future is about to change.  

Where We Live and Play

Right now, location is high on your criteria list for a perfect home. Your real estate agent will not be surprised to see it at the top of the list. You want to be close to work to alleviate some of the commute time while being in an area that matches your own unique lifestyle.  

Gina Michelle at Forbes has a great article going over five ways ...

How To Buy A Home With Bad Credit

buy a home with bad credit

Buying a Home With Bad Credit

Having a bad credit score does not immediately disqualify you from buying a home. Although it is a little more difficult to qualify for a mortgage with a below average score, it is not impossible. Fortunately, you have several options to choose from if your credit is less than stellar or worse. However, keep in mind it will cost you more over the life of your loan than someone who has good credit. Here are some of the many options available that will help you buy a home.  

Federal Housing Administration

  Also known as the FHA, this government agency helps low-income individuals with bad credit buy a home. In many cases, the FHA will help you if your credit score is as low as 580. The agency is popular among first-time homebuyers since it allows down payments as low as 3.5 percent of the purchase price. If your credit score is lower than 580, the FHA lone requires a 10 percent down payment. Remember though that the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate.  

Important Facts About the FHA

  Many people think the FHA provides the actual funds to purchase a home. The truth is, the FHA only insures the loan in the event you default on your mortgage....

50 Places to Visit in Boston this Summer

50 places to visit in Boston MA


Are you planning a permanent move to Boston?

Are you thinking of buying a home in Boston or in the cities around Boston?

Looking to experience Boston neighborhoods?

Do you already live in a city or have a home nearby?

Do you have family, children or grandchildren that will be by for a visit?

If so, it’s a good idea to know where the best places in town are to have a little fun, grab a snack, or take in a show.


Museum of Fine Arts

465 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

The MOFA offers art classes and self-guided tours with over 500,000 pieces of artwork on display. Members get in for free. Regular admission is $25 for adults and children under six can get into the Museum for free. Kids between the ages of seven to seventeen can get into the building...

Boston Attracts Millennials


Boston Continues to Attract Millennials

Niche ranks cities using a complex grading criteria when looking at crime, public transportation, nightlife, recreational facilities, quality of life, and other aspects that make a neighborhood a fun and exciting community. Boston is number eight on this list for cities in the country that are attracting millennials says Biz Journals.  If you have been on the Boston home search, you will recognize the extremely high demand for properties in and around Boston.  Here are some of the reasons for Boson's popularity with Millenials.   

The Attraction to Boston MA

The Boston real estate market is strong for 2018.  Boston MA gives residents the chance to live in a variety of diverse areas all known for as top entertainment and cultural zones. There are fine dining establishments, museums, historical sites, shops, and sporting facilities to tour or visit when living in and around the city center. All of these areas get an A+ rating from Niche making Boston MA an extremely attractive place for couples, families, and individuals to live. The extremely high ...

It’s A Good Time to Be A Million Dollar Buyer

million dollar buyer

Being a Million Dollar Buyer

You live in Boston and have a budget of $1 million to $1.2 million for your new home. There are many different Neighborhoods of Boston that are available to your healthy budget, however each area has a very different level of buying power.

Here is what your budget bought in the last 6 months.

The Back Bay – 10 condos and/or Brownstones sold with an average square footage of 1,083 square feet. 8 units had 2 bedrooms with the other 2 units being 1 bedroom. 2 units came with deeded parking spaces. Average Sales Price: $1,119,000 - Average Listing Price: $1,119,800 – 99.93% List to Sale Price Ratio.

The Waterfront – 12 condos sold with an average square footage of 1,183 square feet. Bedrooms were split with 6 units having 2 bedrooms and another 6 units having 1 bedroom. 3 units came with deeded parking spaces. Average Sales Price: $1,093,833 – Average Listing Price: $1,134,908 – 96.38% List to Sale Price Ratio.

The South End – 20 condos sold with an average square footage of 1,148 square feet. 2 units were 1 bedroom condos with 17 units being 2 bedroom units and 1 unit being a 3 bedroom unit. 5 units came with deeded parking spaces. Average Sales Price: $1,093,152 – Average Listing Price: $1,086,745 – 100.59% List to Sale Price Ratio.

South Boston – 29 condos sold with an average square footage of 1,538 square feet. 19 units were 2 bedroom condos...

3 Smart Tips For Buying a Home

3 Tips For Buying a home in Cohasset

3 Tips For Buying a Home

Boston is a diverse and beautiful coastal city with wonderful job opportunities and access to high quality health care. The city also has a strong focus on education and shopping, so it isn’t surprising that over 50% of the homes in Boston are owned, rather than rented.

If you are thinking about moving to the area, you have made a great decision – but it is likely that you are feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of buying a new home. After all, buying a home is a long process, but if you are aware of a few things, such as homeowner’s insurance, then the process will be much easier.

Here are three smart tips to help you buy a new house.

Learn About Relevant Key Terms

The first thing that you should do is learn all of the key terms that could...

Caste Island - A Hidden Gem in South Boston

Caste Island - in South Boston

Caste Island of South Boston

Castle Island is located on the most Eastern tip of South Boston in the City Point Neighborhood. Over the years it has become a great place to spend an afternoon by yourself, with friends or your family!

This amazing asset to our community can be reached via public transportation as well as by private car as there is an abundance of parking. It's a nearby destination to escape the bustle of the city, and to obtain great views of Boston Harbor and Logan Airport.

Sullivan's take-out only restaurant (seasonal) is housed at the base of the old fort, and is very popular with the local residents. Over the years they have amassed a following with a crowd always forming for their first opening of the year. At Sullivan’s they have a menu that is sure to satisfy every diner as they have everything from Fried Clams to hot dogs and Ice Cream.

South Boston Sunset


One of the best features of Castle Island is the crescent-shaped path that stretches out into Boston Harbor and creates an artificial pond known as Pleasure Bay. Many joggers and pedestrians enjoy walking the entire length of the byway, all the way around back to Day Boulevard and the parking lot (about 1 mile). An interesting part of the walk...

The Boston Real Estate Market 2019

Boston Properties

Will the real estate market gains hold out as we go into the last month of 2019?

Hi, I am Jeff Chubb and I wanted to share with you the market stats for the first 11 months of 2019 for a couple markets throughout Massachusetts. Today we are going to look at MA as a whole, Brockton, Canton, Dorchester, Framingham, Quincy, Reading, Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, and Scituate.  

All of MA Real Estate Q4 2019

Decreasing inventory is the story to be told through the Bay State. With Condos continuing the trend and now down 8.43% year over year. Meanwhile Inventory for Single Families continued to shrink and is now down 15.14%.

Sales are down in both the Condo and Single-Family segments with condos down 2.46% year over year and the Single-Family market now down 0.85% when comparing the first 11 months of sales for 2018 vs. 2019.

Home prices continue to be up year over year with the average sale price of a condo at $521,276 which represents a 3.84% increase and the average sales price for Single Families up 2.89% to $517,921.  

Recap: Inventory is down. Sales are down. Prices are up.

Brockton Real Estate

Inventory in Brockton has been down by a significant amount pretty much all year, however we saw a small surge of new properties hit the market. Inventory is now down 2.70% year over year with 108 Single Family homes currently on the market at the end of November.

The decline in sales also continued in November with now 759 units closed for the first 11 months of the year. This represents a 7.33% decline in the amount of homes sold year over year.


Finding a Dining Jem in Medford MA

dining in Medform MA

About five years ago when my wife and I moved to the city of Medford MA, we were not yet familiar with what Medford had to offer in the way of dining.

Medford MA

After looking for homes for sale, we settled on Medford.  Conveniently located just 5 miles away from downtown Boston with easy access to the city via the Orange Line and Commuter Rail, we tended to head into the Back Bay and South End when we had and urge to dine-out.


Medord MA has had solid real estate growth over the years.  With an easy commute to Boston, Medford is expected to have addtional growth if Amazon chooses Boston as its new home.  We anticipate the already low inventory in Boston proper to have a positive effect on the surrounding areas

Fish Out of Water

Then came the dreaded winter of 2015. Both my wife and I had spent our adult lives as city condo
owners. Needless to say our first foray into homeownership (no snow removal in the HOA fees) had us looking like fish out of water.

My wife was pregnant at the time and unable to assist with the relentless shoveling duties...

The Beaches of Cohasset

The Beaches of Cohasset MA

the beaches of cohasset

Living in a town nestled on the ocean has it perks. It wasn’t too long ago that my wife and I were planning to meet after work at the Beach. The problem is we didn’t clarify which beach to meet at. These are some of the issues you must deal with when you live in Cohasset. You must be specific which beach you are headed to.

Although there are many things to do in Cohasset, enjoying the beaches is on the top of the list for most residents. In town we have two beaches that are open to Cohasset Residents to use. Sandy Beach and Black Rock "Rocky” Beach are our little slices of heaven, but while both are beaches… They both have very different personalities!

Our Beaches

While we don’t get points for creativity for the beach names, they are both beautiful and amazing in their own right. Black Rock Beach is located at the intersection of Forest Avenue and Jerusalem Road. While Rocky, Black Rock Beach is a fun beach to sit back and relax on as well as explore. With the roll in and out of tides, the landscape is constantly changing offering opportunities for tide pools to play in and sand glass to discover. Other favorite activities are fishing from the rocks and swimming. The makeup of the beach is constantly changing with each storm that passes through, so there is always something to discover at this Cohasset gem!

Parking for Black Rock Beach can be a little challenging during the peak season. In order to park, you must have a ...

Using a REALTOR to Sell Your Cohasset Home

Selling Your Cohasset Home with the Assistance of a Realtor 

When the time comes to sell your home in Cohasset or any of the surrounding cities of Greater Boston, many sellers start contemplating how they can get the maximum price for their property. Whether it’s a buyer or seller's market, a homeowner might start considering trying to sell their property without using a real estate agent to save on commission but, before you put that FSBO sign in your yard, check out these reasons why it might be in your best interest to have a Boston Realtor at your side if you want to get the highest possible price for your home.

Bringing in Buyers from Greater Boston and Beyond

Imagine trying to reach buyers in Boston and all the surrounding cities of Greater Boston. If you thought it was expensive to pay a realtor a commission to sell your house, wait until you discover the price to list your home with pictures in any of those real estate publications on your own. Consider your house doesn't sell for months or years, you could be spending several thousand dollars just in advertising, and there is no guarantee someone will make an offer. When working with a Boston real estate agent, they are going to take care of getting the word out about your home for you.

Now only will your home be listed in local and regional real estate magazines and classified ads, your realtor has inroads to other realtors in the area who have clients interested in buying a home like yours. The price of those connections alone is well worth the commission any realtor secures for their hard work.

Handling the Complexities of Buyer Contracts

When you try...

How to Stage Your Boston Home Before Selling

how to stage your boston home

Staging Your Home to Sell

Living in the Boston area means that your home is highly desirable when it comes time to sell, but this region tends to stay a buyer's market longer because all the homes are in demand year round. In order to attract qualified buyers and get your full selling price, it is important to stage the house correctly.

These are some tips from local Boston real estate agents that will help when you are selling your home:

Increasing the Curb Appeal

With so much in the way of inventory available for those buying a home, curb appeal is the key to getting them to consider your home. Your realtor can put you in touch with a landscaping crew that can plant flowers, trim hedges, mulch around trees, maintain the lawn, and ensure your property has maximum appeal.

Be sure to call a professional power washing crew that can give new life to the exterior of the home, the fence, the patio and deck, the sidewalks, and the driveway, easily removing tree sap, bird droppings, and other debris.

Fixing Any Minor Repairs

home repairsThe time to make all repairs in the house is long before the first potential buyers come walking through. The key to staging is to leave that positive lasting impression on the potential buyer, so that once they leave, they start imagining themselves living in that space. If they notice the sink is leaking, the window was broken,...

Low Inventory in Boston Encourages Growth in Cohasset, Hingham, Quincy and Weymouth

low inventory in boston

Tech Companies are Coming

The sweepstakes for Amazon’s second headquarters has included cities from Denver, CO to Columbus, OH. Whichever city is chosen will also be winning a massive bump in the real estate market in the entire metro area. Amazon, like most technology companies, is looking for three main things. A young, educated workforce, great city life, and tax breaks. Even with heavy competition, Boston is looking like a front-runner right now. The latest example is Amazon’s acquisition last week of Sqrrl, which is a Cambridge based technology company.

By making this purchase, Amazon is showing us how much interest they have in setting up shop in the area. This startup, which is now a part of Amazon Web Services, could be Amazon’s way of testing the city as a place for their employees to live and work. One thing that will definitely be put to the test is the real estate market, which is already loaded with high-quality potential buyers that work for major companies like General Electric and New Balance, which have regional headquarters here. 

What This Means for the Housing Market

boston real estateIn short – it’s hot and getting hotter. Prices are already at an all time-high for the market, with the ...

What Effects Would Amazon in Boston Have on Homeowners?

Will Boston be Amazon's New Home?

Effect on homeowners if Amazon moves to Boston

What Would The Effects Be On The Real Estate Market?

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer with the main corporate office in Seattle, WA. The company has announced that they have outgrown their Seattle office and have plans and money invested in expanding their offices in many American cities but despite the expansion, they are looking for a second headquarters on the east coast. Many cities have been rumored to be in the mix including Chicago and Atlanta, but based on the company's recent real estate inquiry in Boston, MA  might be evidence that they are looking to put their new headquarters in Bean Town.

The piece of Boston real estate in question is a 500,000 square foot office building in the newly developed Seaport Square area. It is said that there is also an option for a second, equally sized office building in the same area. Their expansion plan also included details on a planned expansion of up to 8 million square feet within the next 15 years. What does this mean for the city and the state of Massachusetts?

Positive Impacts if Amazon Comes to Boston

Having a multi-billion dollar corporation make their second home in a city can be incredibly beneficial. With a new business in town the size of Amazon, thousands of new high-paying jobs are created. An investment by a city this large can certainly add to the economy. Having large corporations base themselves in large cities can lure other big businesses to the city, exponentially increasing the job market.

Boston Housing

With new business comes new employees that have moved into the city to continue their...