4 Things To Check When House Hunting

4 Things To Check When House Hunting

4 Not-So-Obvious Things To Check When House Hunting

One of the most important purchases in life is buying a house. But even though picking a new home is exciting, it can be a daunting and anxious process. Often you will get over excited and end up thinking with the heart instead of the head.

Well, the exhilaration is a natural feeling that can plunge you into a serious time and money sink if you’re not taking everything into consideration.. With a real estate agent on your side, the process of picking the right house which suits your needs is simplified.

Of course, you contemplate several factors in making the decision. The features most people narrow down first are the size of the house, the location, the neighborhood, and the condition of the house itself.

As there are many aspects to cover, it’s easy to overlook checking into some not-so-obvious features that could adversely impact your stay in the house. These house hunting tips will help you gain a clear eye when scrutinizing homes for sale.

The Home’s Age

Older houses can have an outstanding appeal - perhaps because they have unique designs of the past decades. But before you think of signing the check, remember that an older house is likely to have endured considerable wear and tear.

Maybe the roof is counting down the days until it starts to leak. Or maybe the water heater is already beginning to rust from the inside out. Household repairs can be demanding, in that they can require immediate attention.

Evaluate the home for what you think may be major repairs, discuss with your Realtor and potentially a home inspector, should you take the next step. Either way, be sure you have the budget, inclination, and time to do the work it needs. It might be challenging to make home repairs, or you can simply hire a handyman or contractor, depending on the issue.

Home Maintenance and Finishes

Sometimes, home sellers will try to do touch-ups on every aspect of the house to make it appealing for a quick sale. But not everything that catches your eye is as good as it looks. As you buy a home, take a closer look at everything and, if possible, put your hands on everything.

Pass your hand on the painted walls to look out for the quality of the paint. Open every door and window, flush the toilets, turn on all light all switches and faucets. Also, take the temperature of the house to find out the efficiency of the furnace and air conditioning systems. If you are the kind that won't tolerate salty water, taste the water from the taps.

Inspecting the entire house can be a tedious task but can save you a lot of money and headaches in the future. Professional home inspectors are available for this task. Contact your Realtor for referrals if you need a trusted recommendation.

4 Things To Check When House Hunting

The Home and Grounds

It might be easy to overlook the exterior of a house if the interior is very enticing. But don't forget that the curb appeal will affect your comfort in the home, especially on those days you want to spend the entire day at home. Is the landscape attractive? If not, what is the cost implication involved in enhancing its appearance?

Look at the construction material of the driveway – is it easy to maintain? Besides looking at the appearance of the curb appeal, check the topography of the area around the house. Find out if the area is prone to natural disasters such as wildfires and flooding. Your Realtor may be able to provide you with a “natural hazard report” prior to purchasing if you’re concerned about hazards in the area.

The Deal Breakers

Aside from the basics, like quality appliances and an enthralling landscape, think about the unique requirements of your lifestyle, such as a love for entertaining guests or an addiction for books. If you are a party person and like to host guests every other month, look out for a large backyard for barbecuing.

Similarly, a book lover will need a home with ample storage areas for book collection. Also, if your spouse is a connoisseur of cat naps, and on the other hand, you are a night owl, look for a house with a master bedroom set far away from the entertainment areas. Never be in a hurry to pick a house from a person who wants to sell a home quickly. Take your time and look at the nitty gritty details that will make a difference during your stay in the house.

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For more information about buying or selling a home, work with an experienced local real estate agent.

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