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October 2019 Real Estate Market Update

Less and less homes for sale… For the most part that is!

I am Jeff Chubb and I wanted to share with you the most recent market conditions update for a couple towns around Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts as a whole, we now have inventory up 1.64% for condos year over year. This is a large swing of nearly 9% considering last month we were looking at a 10.24% increase in inventory. Meanwhile in the Single-Family market inventory continued to tighten about 3% to 12.09% less inventory on the market then this time last year.

Meanwhile sales in both the Single Family and Condo market continued to build. Sales for Single Families are now up .24% year over year to 44,170 units sold while Condo sales are down 1.64% to 17,550 sales, this however is again an improvement from the -2.47% we saw last month.

Prices in Massachusetts continue to be up with the Condo market up 4.65% year over year and the Single Family up 2.89% year over year.

Quincy will be the only market that we look at that happens to have an increase in the amount of homes currently on the market. However in the condo segment we saw a big tightening month over month. Last month we had 34.69% increase in inventory yoy vs. the 16.13% we have this month. Meanwhile we did see inventory grow to 18.18% increase year over year in the Quincy Single Family segment.

Sales are up 4.64% at 316 units for the Quincy Condo market while showing a 4.67% average price appreciation to $412,562. Meanwhile sales for Single Families are down 11.03% to...

October 2019 Hull / Cohasset / Hingham Real Estate Market Update

For the Most Part… Inventory Tightened!

With October in the books, we are continuing to see the great inventory tightening of the Fall of 2019. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been “great”, but none the less… There are less homes on the market!

I am Jeff Chubb and I wanted to share with you the most recent market conditions for Cohasset, Hingham and Hull.

In October we saw inventory continue to tighten statewide as well as in the towns of Hingham and Hull. Cohasset however had a different plan in mind.

In Massachusetts as a whole, we now have inventory up 1.64% for condos year over year. This is a large swing of nearly 9% considering last month we were looking at a 10.24% increase in inventory. Meanwhile in the Single-Family market inventory continued to tighten about 3% to 12.09% less inventory on the market then this time last year.

Meanwhile sales in both the Single Family and Condo market continued to build. Sales for Single Families are now up .24% year over year to 44,170 units sold while Condo sales are down 1.64% to 17,550 sales, this however is again an improvement from the -2.47% we saw last month.

Prices in Massachusetts continue to be up with the Condo market up 4.65% year over year and the Single Family up 2.89% year over year.

Turning to the local markets, lets take a look at Hull first.

Hull continues to see inventory decrease with it now having 40 homes on the market which represents a 35.48% decrease in the amount of properties available to prospective buyers. Sales continue to be strong with a 17.80%...

Jeffrey Chubb - Recognized on the 2019 list for 'Best Real Estate Agents in Boston'

Best Real Estate Agents in Boston

Jeffrey Chubb and his team, the Chubb Realty Group has been ranked as one of the Best Real Estate Agents in Boston for 2019 according to Expertise, LLC. 

Expertise, is a company that makes it easy to find the best local experts, every time. They believe that finding the right highly-skilled professional takes sigificant time and effort, including in-depth reasearch, ddetailed comparisons and deciphering which online reviews are reliable and authentic. 

Expertise features only objectively quantified and qualified professionals hand-picked by their slection process. They do the research to understand what's important when searchiing for experienced professionals so their readers trust that when they say a company is one of the best, it is. 

Their proprietary research and selction proces identifies the top service professionals in over 200 different industries across the top cities in the United States. To date, they have analyzed over 10 Million companies. 

Their selection process is based off of the folling criteria:
Reputation: A history of satisfied customers giving excellent recommendations
Credability: Established in their industry with licensing, accreditations and awards
Expertise: Masters of their craft, based on years of practical experience and education
Engagement: Approachable and responsive to clients and available for new business
Professionalism: Dedicated to providing consistently quality work and impeccable customer service. ...

Buying a Home Can Be Scary… Until you know the facts!

Buying a Home in Massachusetts Can Be Scary… Until you know the facts!

Hi, I am Jeff Chubb and I wanted to share with you some truth’s when it comes to buying a Massachusetts home. There are many myths out there that are keeping our friends and family from buying a home…

“I need 20% down in order to buy a home” – This is the most common myth we hear. Potential Massachusetts home buyers are constantly being told they need 20% down in order to buy a home. This just simply is not the case. 71% of buyers who purchased homes put down 20% OR LESS. And today you can buy a home for as little as 3.5% down. If you are a Veteran then can even qualify for VA programs with 0% down. Consider this, the average down payment is 6%. AND down payments can even be gifted. (Thanks Mom and Dad!).

“I need an 800 Credit Score” This is the 2nd biggest myth when buying a home in Massachusetts. In September, the average credit score for approved loans was 737. But there are FHA programs that will give a borrower a mortgage with a credit score of 580 or higher. Financing is complex which is why it always makes sense to speak with a mortgage banker. 

“Getting approved for a mortgage is hard when buying Real Estate in Massachusetts” – Last month 78.1% of loan applications were approved. I think it is important to remember that a bank isn’t trying to turn someone down, but they are cutting some pretty large checks and need to verify everything is in order. This can be a frustrating part of the process, but the good news is… They don’t ask for a blood sample AND you the light at the end of the tunnel results in a set of keys and owning a piece of the American Dream.

“Interest Rates are high” – Historically speaking we have...

Adios FICO Scores? And What It Means to You…

Bye Bye FICO Scores? And What It Means to You.

I am Jeff Chubb and I wanted to share with you the news that the Federal Housing Finance Agency is now allowing Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to use an alternative credit scoring model, Vantage Score. And what this means for you and your friends and family when buying a home.

The FICO scoring model was introduced in 1989 and is used by 90% of lenders.

Compared to VantageScore which was introduced in 2006. It’s developers say this model is a more predictive scoring model that is easier to understand and apply.

Many banks are using a combination of FICOs and VantageScore models for mortgages, however until now this was not the case for mortgages secured by a government entity. How much does this matter? In 2017, government backed mortgages accounted for nearly 70% of all mortgages originated in the U.S.

Are we surprised that our Government Backed Mortgage agencies were late to the party?

So what are the differences, how does Vantage Score Group Credit Information?

-        Payment history
-        Age & type of credit
-        Percentage of credit limit used
-        Total balances and debt
-        Recent credit behavior and inquiries
-        Available Credit

Compared to the 5 categories that FICO uses:

-        Payment history
-        Amounts owed
-        Length of credit history
-        New Credit
-        Credit Mix


Closing Cost Credits & How They Can Save You $Thousands

Closing Cost Credits and How to save $Thousands at the closing table when buying a ? home

I wanted to share with you what a closing cost credit is and how you can use them to help save you a LOT of money ? at the closing table.

- What is a Closing Cost Credit
- When Should you talk to your agent about closing costs?
- How to confirm amount of closing cost credits
- What happens if you ask for a larger credit then you use?
- Why a Seller May Say no

If you would like to learn more about the current market conditions whether buying or selling a home throughout Massachusetts, email ? at [email protected], or give us a call ☎️ at 617-480-2600 or visit us online.

We look forward to being your real estate resource.


Home Upgrades that Don’t Pay Off


Thinking of selling your home?  Renovating your kitchen or adding a spare room can seem like a good idea when it comes to home improvements, but there are some upgrades that end up costing you more than what you’ll get in return.  If you plan on being in your home for a while, then you probably don’t mind losing out on a little money in order to get your dream home. When it’s time for you to sell, though, you want to get the best bang for your buck.  You also want to keep in mind that just because you upgrade your home, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a profit when selling your home. It would be best to consult a realtor and plan how much money to spend on making home upgrades and how much money to spend on marketing your home. Here is a list of some home upgrades that could break the bank:


Major Kitchen Remodel 

The kitchen is one of the focal (and selling) points of the home.  (Everyone loves food!) Of course, it would make sense to remodel it to be up-to-date and trendy.  However, this upgrade only has about a 60-65% return value. On average, you can expect to spend about $60,000 for new appliances, the flooring, lighting, countertops, an island, etc.  Instead...

Milton, MA - Everything you Want to Know

People looking to buy a house near Boston often pick one of the bustling communities near the town center. Milton MA is an established nautical suburb offering homeowners posh living within easy reach of premium amenities and urban benefits.

Niche gives the city an A rating saying the community is vibrant, diverse, and rates the schools with the highest ranking. Visitors and residents often enjoy the rich history, culture, fine dining, exquisite artwork, and a multitude of events while in the area.

General Information about the Massachusetts Town

This upscale suburb sits in Norfolk County. The population is around 25,000 residents according to the 2010 Census. The city holds just over 13.3 square miles with just about all of it being land. The town is in the middle of the Blue Hills and the Neponset River.

Affluent neighborhoods flank the city with Quincy on the south and eastern borders, Mattapan and Dorchester to the north, and the infamous Hyde Park area to the west. At one time, the city was part of Dorchester.

As an agricultural community, this town brings forth a rich culture and history. The Milton MA area was a first for creating several mills offering unique goods for travelers along with fresh vegetables, grains, and fruits. One of the most fascinating facts about this area is it is the birthplace of former President George Herbert Walker Bush. His family home is now a museum where visitors can tour and learn about the family and the president as a child.

Six historical districts...

What happened in September in Massachusetts....

What happened during September of 2019 in Massachusetts....

And What it means to local Real Estate Prices.

The real estate market in the month of August provided for many shifts in the market place when comparing the local markets year over year. 

For much of the year the story has been increasing inventory and decreased sales. August had some major pullbacks that could shift the market dynamic as we look to close out 2019. 

  • Inventory throughout Massachusetts shifted rather dramatically in both the Condo and Single Family markets.
  • The two largest cities in Massachusetts (Boston & Worcester) continue perform on opposite sides of the spectrum.
  • Spot checking markets throughout the state, we see some markets actually depreciating.
  • Different towns throughout Massachusetts are performing at different levels. Even neighboring towns will have major swings making real estate more hyper local then ever before. 

If you would like to learn more about the current market conditions whether buying or selling a home throughout Massachusetts, reply to this email, give us a call at 617-480-2600 or visit us online.

We look forward to being your real estate resource. 


Do You Leave a Voicemail?

Do You Leave a Voicemail?

Are you making the most out of your prospecting time with leaving the right voicemail?

Hi, I am Jeff Chubb and I wanted to share with you the proper technique as well as a successful script when leaving a voicemail to increase your conversation rates.

If you are leaving a voicemail and trying to sell yourself in the voicemal, then you are wasting your time.

A prospect will not all you back from a message where you are talking all about you or some special offer.

So what’s on a selling yourself email? What does it sound like? It would sound something like, “Hi, I am Jeff Chubb with eXp Realty. We have a proven and repeatable system that has been proven to get seller’s more money…BLAH BLAH BLAH

People do not want to be sold. They have deleted the message by the word “proven”. Don’t sell yourself. None of this is about you!

What is the intention of leaving a voicemail? It’s to get them to call you back! So think like a consumer.

So what should you do when leaving a voicemail?

You want to remove your title and leave a lot of curiosity in the message.

So what does that sound like? “Hi, this is Jeff 617-480-2600, I sent you an email. Give me a call when you have a couple minutes. 617-480-2600”

Notice I am not saying a title or anything about eXp Realty or the Chubb Realty Group.

So what are we doing here? We are putting curiousity in the air in regards to “what email?”.

It is EXTREMELY important to not leave anything else other than your phone number. No brokerage information, no website, no details about the services… Nothing.

The only point of this is to get them to call you back so you can do the selling on the phone. You will never sell anything over...

I Love this home, now what?

I Love this home, now what?

Hi, I am Jeff Chubb with eXp Realty and I wanted to share with you today the next steps once you have found that dream home.

You have walked through the front door and have been swept off of your feet.

The home checks nearly all the boxes and you can see your future you and the Thanksgiving Turkey coming out of the oven and to the Dining Room table.

There are enough beds and baths and the size of the home meets your needs today as well as the needs of your near future.

So now what? What’s the next step in the process?

If this is the house for you, then it is time to start gathering some information.

The information gathering step is one that you will not want to drag your feet on as waiting too long can allow other buyers to swoop in and steal your dream home out from under you or put you in a position to have to pay more!

So what type of information?

At this point, you should already have your pre-approval.

We will need to make sure the pre-approval is still up to date and that the amount is in line with the price of the home.

In some cases we may need a couple pre-approval letters with different prices depending on the offer strategy that we ultimately choose.

If you are paying cash, then we will need some sort of proof of funds.

These proof of funds can be a bank statement or statements or a letter from your banker verifying funds.

We will also want to look at the comparables… aka “comps” on the property. Is the price of this home in line with the neighboring properties that are close in size and condition? Or is the price higher or lower than what the area supports?

We have the pre-approval or proof of funds, we have an idea of what the home is worth and what we are willing...

Online Leads Suck?

Online Leads Suck?

I wanted to share takj to you about the myth that all online leads are bad.

This is something I hear all the time. I also see it in facebook forum after facebook forum how bad they are.

If you are one of my competitors, then yes… Online leads suck. You are definitely wasting your money.

For everyone else, online leads when handled properly can make you a small fortune.

Consider this, yesterday I showed an $11.3 million dollar house… From an online lead! Now it wasn’t an $11.3 million dollar inquiry, we started working together about a year ago when he came in on a crappy $4m house.

Here is the crazy thing, this lead actually passed through all of our buyer agents in our lead distribution system. After no one accepted it, it was assigned to me as the systems failsafe. Because seconds matter when it comes to lead conversion… I called and set the appointment. I don’t compete with my agents, but every once in awhile will take a lead when no other agents want to work the opportunity…

When working online leads you must keep in mind that speed to lead is an absolute must. has done a study and found the optimal response time is within 38 seconds after the lead is generated.

38 seconds!

This is why if you are going to be investing in online leads and want to be successful then you must have the systems in place and the discipline for continuous follow up.

Keep these numbers in mind, last year a 100 million online leads were generated and there were 5 million sales throughout the United States. Online leads aren’t bad. They just take effort.

Like any other lead source, we have had online leads that have taken years to convert and others where we have written an offer on the first house they have seen. Our business...

Improvements to Make Before Selling

Improvements to Make Before Selling your Massachusetts Home

One of the most asked questions is “Should I make improvements before selling my home”. The correct answer is maybe.

I wanted to share with you you today what improvements if any you should make when putting a Massachusetts house on the market.

The reason that the answer is ‘maybe’ is because each situation is different. For example, it most likely will not make any sense or return any value to refinish the hardwood floors for a house that will most likely be completely renovated.

So what should the golden rule be when it comes to making improvements before putting a home on the market in Massachusetts? You should only make an improvement if it will provide you a return over what you are investing or an improvement that will come up in a home inspection.

But even with possible Home Inspection Issues, I have to say that you must be careful. I can often times negotiate an amount less then what it would actually cost.

A recent example is a client of mine in Boston had a furnace that was at the end of its life and had asked if he should have it fixed. This process would end up costing my client in the $15k range and would not have offered any additional value to a buyer when the property is on the market. We were able to negotiate an amount of less than half and buying a home warranty.

The smaller stuff that you know about like broken window seals, loose cabinet doors or maybe plumbing or electrical issues are generally areas that you will want to address. Other areas that you will most likely...

What Every First-Time Home Buyer Needs to Know

For the first-time home buyers, the world of real estate and its legal lingo may be overwhelming and confusing. There is a lot to take in and be aware of when it comes to buying your own house, from desired square footage, do you or will you have kids with you in the next few years, neighborhood, lending company, pricing, budgeting; it's no wonder that over thirty percent of homebuyers say that buying a house is one of the most stressful modern life changes.

These four tips and terms throw some clarity on the world of real estate and break it down into bite-sized pieces.


1. Get a Good Realtor

A good Realtor is the first starting point for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Lending companies, loans, listing agents, the sellers; all those are second place to a good Realtor. Having an honest and dedicated agent advocating for you makes navigating the home process from the very start of touring houses, making an offer, signing papers, and moving in so much easier. Energy and drive, a good...

Moving because of a Growing Family

Items to think about when moving because of a growing family.

Hi, I am Jeff Chubb with the Chubb Realty Group and I wanted to introduce you Annie. Annie here is the new addition to our family that has helped me put a lid on the third child conversation… for now at least.

Whether you are moving because of a furry friend like Annie or because of kids, then here are some things to think about and how to start the process.

Step 1 – Determine Your Budget

First you need to figure out what you WANT to afford. Want? Yes, what is it that you want to spend. That you feel comfortable spending. There are few things worse than being house poor.

Remember that the monthly payment will need to cover insurance, taxes, a mortgage payment (if you are getting a mortgage) and condo fees (if you are purchasing a condo).

Do you currently own a home? Do you need to sell in order to buy? If so, do you have an estimate of what your net proceeds will be that you can carry with you to the next purchase?

Once you have figured out the above questions and determined your comfort level, then it is time to call a Mortgage Banker (We work with some great mortgage bankers so let us know if you need a recommendation!). A mortgage banker will review your finances and will advise on the different programs to help you find the best fit to help you maximize your affordability.

There are many Urban Myths when it comes to buying a home, but here are two of the biggest!

“I need 20% down in order to buy a new home” – FALSE - Government-backed programs offer home buyers plans with as little as 3.5% down while Veteran Programs offer programs for 0% down to active and past military.

“I need a FICO score of 750” – FALSE – FHA offers programs for 3.5%...

How to Keep Up with the Real Estate Market

Are you looking to sell or buy a home? Keeping up with the property market can be frightening especially in such a crowded market space. For a buyer or seller, timing is decisive. It can be the difference between a great deal and an average transaction. Such timing is dependent on the quality of information someone has about the specific market.

Having the information is half the battle, harnessing the data into usable intelligence is the other half.

There are two reasons why you need to stay on top of the real estate trends

  • You can make informed decisions

  • You can create a sound investment strategy

Valuable information on the property market is available on the following platforms.

Annual Real Estate Reports

Some of the top websites and research organizations feature annual and quarterly industry reports. An avid investor can subscribe to such data. They can cost a small fortune sometimes. However, such companies invite media to sample the information. You can get valuable insight from news related to such industry reports.

If a company releases a new report, earlier reports become cheaper, and they have roughly the same content. However, be careful about outdated information. They should not serve as the primary source of investment information.


Eight Reasons Homeowners Call in a Contractor

Eight reasons homeowners call in a contractor

Whether you are buying your first house, or you are a seasoned property investor, contractors are one group of professionals you will contact at some point. Property owners call these experts for many things from new projects to expansions and upgrades. We talk about eight times when you know you can leave the job to a specialist to save you time, hassle, and maybe money in this post. 

Custom jobs from built-in shelves to new home builds

Adding a stunning feature can help a property investor sell a house quickly after buying to make it easy to flip. Custom shelves or an organizer for walk-in closets are small yet significant features in many buyer's opinions. Knowing the type of heating system, and whether it may be necessary to upgrade to propane heat or natural gas is paramount. When you have a busy schedule, hiring a specialty contractor is an affordable way to get quality work in your time frame. Contract firms can do small jobs like these, or they can oversee the construction of a new home or business. A project manager is the person who oversees the various specialists and organizes the team to complete the assignment efficiently. 

Maintenance when you observe safety concerns...

Why You Should Buy a Fixer-Upper

Why you should buy a fixer-upper

Why You Should Buy a Fixer-Upper

While it might sound strange to those people who are trying to find a new place to live, not everyone wants a home that is ready to move into. Evidence of this has been shown by taking a look at one of the latest trends in real estate, which is the purchase of fixer-upper houses. These seemingly ugly flats, mobile homes, cottages, and even mansions are being snatched up so fast that the average Realtor barely has a chance to gather the paperwork together for them before the calls from potential buyers start pouring in. And, after reading all the following reasons why, you might just want to go buy a fixer-upper house too.


Next-Level Creativity

A fixer-upper house that is in a desperate state of repair can easily be remodeled in whatever creative way that a person wants. All new color schemes, flooring, and wood tones can be chosen. The fixtures and lighting are adaptable. And even the lawn and landscaping are fair game for a fun makeover.


High Return on Investment

Because fixer-upper houses are sold...

Alternative Properties in Real Estate

Alternative Properties in Real Estate

Alternative properties are not something a lot of people even realize are an official part of the real estate market. The words themselves sound like a marginal or miscellaneous aspect of the commodities market. Upon searching for alternative properties on the web you will find many similar blogs and articles that tackle the subject, but not in-depth. Many give broad and similar strokes that offer little information. This is due to the fact that alternative properties vary greatly in cost and ROI.


Amongst the more surprising to see listed on several of these blogs, billboards are a legitimate piece of the real estate market. Certainly, of no interest to someone who needs a roof over their head, or office space, they can be a lucrative investment.

The Numbers

  • Average Buy-In: Varies greatly, between several hundred dollars and millions of dollars, depending heavily on location, size, and condition of the billboard.

  • Average ROI: $1800.00/mo. (For one billboard)

Data Center

A hot ticket in the current alternative properties market is data centers. These are buildings or warehouses that house...

4 Things To Check When House Hunting

4 Things To Check When House Hunting

4 Not-So-Obvious Things To Check When House Hunting

One of the most important purchases in life is buying a house. But even though picking a new home is exciting, it can be a daunting and anxious process. Often you will get over excited and end up thinking with the heart instead of the head.

Well, the exhilaration is a natural feeling that can plunge you into a serious time and money sink if you’re not taking everything into consideration.. With a real estate agent on your side, the process of picking the right house which suits your needs is simplified.

Of course, you contemplate several factors in making the decision. The features most people narrow down first are the size of the house, the location, the neighborhood, and the condition of the house itself.

As there are many aspects to cover, it’s easy to overlook checking into some not-so-obvious features that could adversely impact your stay in the house. These house hunting tips will help you gain a clear eye when scrutinizing homes for sale.

The Home’s Age